How do I care for my new Morkie?

Congratulations on your new Morkie. And thank you for chosing us to be your breeder.

We are pleased to give you instructions how to care for your new puppy properly.

You can do things to get ready for your puppy before you even bring him/her home with you.

Please be sure to puppy proof your yard, do a walk around, checking for any openings in your fence or underneath, where your puppy could flatten himself and escape.
Be sure to check the space from the ground where the gate is, may be a good idea to make sure you have a cement slab under your gate so your puppy cannot dig his way out!

How much do I feed my puppy?
I will be very happy to give you instructions how to feed your puppy and what he should be eating.
In fact no puppy leaves my home without these instructions, I dont leave anything to chance!

Be sure to have the same food that I have been feeding your puppy. Dont leave the food until after you bring your puppy home.
 You should purchase a small bag ahead of time so you know where you will be able to buy it.
DO NOT purchase a large bag of food to save money. In fact you will waste money because your puppy will not be able to eat it in time after the bag has been opened.
If you switch foods your puppy can get diheara and going home is already stressful enough without adding extra change to his diet.
And really, there is no need to change his diet because I have already done the research and I am already feeding your puppy what he should be eating.
However, there are a quite a few choices in food and I will also give you a list of these too if you choose to change his food for variety. I can also tell you what food to avoid.
 However, if you do decide to change his diet,  it would still be best to stick with the food he has been eating in my home. Do not change it for a while. If you cannot find his food near you, please inform me. Thank you.


 I am very proud of my puppies coats. They are magnificant!

There are so many products on the market and it can be very confusing.
I am happy to share my knowledge with you how to care for your morkie's coat because I want my puppy to have a beautiful coat for the rest of his life.

I'll be happy to tell you what else you can purchase so you are completely ready when you bring your puppy home.
This way you don't waste any money purchasing things you dont need, but your puppy will have what he does need.

In fact after you have purchased your puppy from me, I already have a "short" or a "long list" of supplies that I prefer that I will be more than happy to email to you.
This will also save you money from buying all sorts of different products.
I've already tried them all, so you dont have to do the same. Smile

This way your puppy will have beautiful healthy hair and I will tell you my favourite coat and hair products and how often your puppy should be bathed.


How do I potty train my puppy?

Your puppy is already well on his way to being potty trained. I have already paper trained my puppies to some extent so when people bring their puppy home, many many have commented how surprised they are the puppy is doing so well!
You just need to continue in his training. Because they know to go in a certain spot it is also easy to transition them to go outside when their shots have been completed. My clients are very pleased with how easy it has been to train their puppy they have bought from me.
And of course I will fill you in on the details when you buy your puppy from me.

On the internet many comment how difficult it is to house break these little dogs.
But the reaon for this is because they bought their puppy from the wrong person.
Puppies learn the most when they are young, so it really makes a huge difference who you purchase from in the long run.
 I dont allow my puppies to start any bad habits including potty training.

My clients are very pleased with their puppies and several have expressed that it is the best dog they have ever owned and some have owned many.

It really does make a difference whom you choose to be your breeder!
I'm more than happy to help my clients via email or phone any time they have a question or a concern I am there for them.
We hope you choose us!




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