Welcome to morkies.ca    Morkie puppies for sale!  July, 2019  We own the parents!

Your Canadian reputable, experienced Morkie breeder. Our guidance for your new puppy cannot be matched to another breeder.
We take great pride in breeding the healthiest,  highest quality, well bred puppies.  
Both parents are on site, available to meet when you pick up your puppy.

We have regular size puppies available!

We have a teacup female and a teacup male available! Please call or text 647-202-0372 for details and pictures if interested!


 ****Please note****We do not accept calls from private numbers, they will not be answered or calls returned. Thank you.


Kovu morkie is adopted to Kamal from Brampton, Ontario. (Kovu is an adult).
Thank you for the picture Kamal!


We have a tiny, gorgeous teacup male and female and  regular size male and female  male available for a deposit!
We also have puppies 6-8lbs available. Sometimes even bigger. Our larger puppies are perfect for families with children.



We have both  male and female Morkie puppies available to reserve.   Parents are available to meet when your puppy is of age to go home.
Please call and pictures are available. 647-202-0372


Captain is available. Can be reserved with a deposit, ready for August, 2019

Little Pyry teacup morkie male is for sale. Can be reserved with a deposit.  4lbs estimated adult weight.


 Little Pyry is available! Ready for August, 2019

 Little Billy is sold to Shawn and Tracey from Ottawa, On.


Little Billy is sold to Shawn and Tracey from Ottawa, On.

Little Rose Marie is sold to Tamara and her family from Oakville, On.

Rose Marie is sold to Tamara and her family from Oakville, ON.


WishBone, morkie female is sold to Antoinette, Siana gift for her daughter.


Wishbone, morkie is sold to Antoinette from Waterdown, Ontario, a gift for her daughter, Siana.


We have  teacups and regular size puppies available. Please text 647-202-0372 for details and pictures.


Gorgeous little Tin Tin is SOLD to Natasha. 5-6lbs. Very sweet personality.


Tin Tin is small, estimated adult size is 5-6lbs. Tin Tin is sold to Natasha from Toronto, ON


Tin Tin is sold to Natasha, she wanted a puppy from us since she was 10 years old!
How heart warming for her dream to finally come true!

Tiny Mia Morkie is sold!


  Mia is for sold.


Tiny Chanel is sold to Peter, Julie and their beautiful daughter, Emily from Victoria, BC.


Pearl has been adopted by Julie and Peter with their daughter Emily from Victoria, BC.


 Peter and Julie, Emily their daughter.

Emily with her little Pearl.

Ricki has been adopted by Nell from Brampton, Ontario.


Thank you for the picture Nell!

Little Tommy is sold. His adult size is estimated to be 4-6lbs. We have tiny white males available.


Little Tommy Morkie is sold.  We have tiny white females ready to go to home for May,  2019. Pictures are available.


Tommy is sold. Our little morkies can be reserved with a deposit. 647-202-0372


By the time your puppy is old enough to go home he/she will have been vet checked, vaccinated  and dewormed. Parents on site.

 Kipp is sold.

 All the pictures of Tina were taken the same day.





Baby Jane is sold to Sonia.

Baby Jane is sold to Sonia.

 Adam is home with Margaret from Calgary.




Adorable Adam is home in Calgary. Adam with Jay,  Adam is Margaret's pup!


 James is sold.

Please text or call 647-202-0372 to adopt a morkie puppy from us!



 We have one black and white female and a black and white male available.

Oreo Cookie, black and white female is sold.

We have one baby black and white female and male available.

 Oreo Cookie is sold. We have one white and black female and male available.  

 Gorgeous Louise is sold.



Chico morkie male is sold.

Little "Dobbie" is sold to Mandy from Brampton.


Mandy has named her puppy Dobbie!

Dobbie is sold to Mandy from Brampton.


 Beautiful Daisy is sold to Louise. We have a small female same color as Daisy, white with blond. Little Laurie.  



 Little Suzy is sold.


Timmy, white morkie is for sale.  Ready to take home for November, 2018.






Blond Marley morkie male is sold. We have a little blond female available.

Blond Morkie male, Marley  is sold to Sabrina and her daughters from Richmond Hill, On.

 Bowie with her 2 Bishon Frise friends.


Bowie is Rick's gorgeous morkie girl. Montreal.

 Loops is a gorgeous white morkie with gorgeous light eyes! Sold to Nick and Sandy from Brampton, ON.

Gorgeous white morkie with stunning blue eyes, Loops is sold to Nick from Brampton, ON.
Congratulations to Nick on such a beautiful puppy and he has wanted a puppy for a very long time.  


Gorgeous Benny is sold to Filomena and her husband from the North.



Beautiful Benny has been adopted by Filomena and her husband Robert from Alliston,  On

Simba and Pirate are sold.

Gorgeous Simba  and Pirate morkies are sold! 

Both Jake and Cooper are sold.



Little Sasha as a baby! Little Sasha is sold!


 Little Shasha, morkie female! Sold to Barbara from Toronto, On.


 Welcome to www.morkies.ca 


We are located in Canada near Toronto but we sell all over Canada, the USA and worldwide.     
In order to successfully breed Morkies we breed the occasional litter of Maltese puppies. 


Walter is sold to Wendy and Andrew from Toronto, ON

Walter morkie male is sold.

 Please call or text 647-202-0372 to reserve a morkie puppy!

Lauren's Chuck!

Our puppies are outstanding!!!!

Taylor,  white morkie male is sold.



Taylor is sold.

Please call or text 647-202-0372 to reserve a morkie puppy.

 Chuck is sold to Lauren from Toronto.


  Chuck is sold to Lauren.

When our clients bring one of our puppies to their vet, their vet is always very impressed with the quality of our puppies.

Our puppies are outstanding in every way!


Please call  647-202-0372 to reserve a morkie from us.

Oscar Morkie belongs to Audrey from Aylmer, On.

Audrey with Oscar white morkie!

 Nikko, Maltese male and Gi-Gi morkie is adopted to Jody and Brent from Waterloo, On.

Gorgeous Baby Doll Morkie, small female, sold to Vanessa, who has one of our little boys!

Baby Dolly Morkie is sold to Vanessa who has one of our little boys as well.

Pippa sold to Brett from Ottawa, also owner of our Emily who is now 4 years old!



 Pippa is sold.

This is Lauren's beautiful white morkie male, Chuck.
The white male born is his brother. He will be gorgeous!

Chuck's newborn baby brother is available for purchase! 647-202-0372 to reserve Chuck's brother.

Also one small white female morkie is available. $3000, deposit is $1500.

Chuck, gorgeous white morkie is adopted by Lauren. from Toronto, Ontario.

Oscar, white morkie male is adopted by Audrey and her daughter, Deeneen from Aylmer, On.


See Pippa below. She is one of our golden morkie females, now an adult, living with Claudette and her family from Windsor, On.

 Pippa is a 3 1/2 lbs adult golden morkie female. She is sold to Claudette from Windsor.

Little Pippa with Rogue, Claudette's daughter. Windsor, Ontario.

Pippa with Claudette and her daughter Rogue. Pippa  is full grown. She could not be more perfect!

Gi-Gi is adopted to Jody and Brent from Waterloo, On.


Olly is Joelle's puppy from New Market, ON.






Ask us to reserve a Morkie puppy or a Maltese puppy!


Penelope and Olly, Joelle's and Doug's morkies from New Market.


We are accepting deposits for our new born litter of morkie puppies!
 Call us at 647-202-0372 to reserve a morkie puppy from us!

We have one white morkie male available!


Little Pippa is sold.


Tiny Pippa is for sale! Ready to go to her forever home now!


We are accepting deposits for our next litter of toy Morkies!

We can also accept a deposit for any color of Morkie or for a Maltese puppy that isn't born yet.

 Little Vinnie, white morkie with cream ears is sold.

Our little Vinnie is sold!


Stunning, tiny male, James is estimated to be 5-6 lbs estimated adult weight. Very white, huge eyes, stunning tiny white male. Could not be more beautiful! SOLD

Beautiful James is sold.



Contact us to adopt one of our gorgeous puppies!  647-202-0372   Accepting deposits for our next litter at this time.

Handsome white male, William is sold! Estimated adult weight is 6-7lbs.

Beautiful William.  Estimated adult weight is 6-7lbs, perfect small non shedding dog for a family.  SOLD.


William gorgeous Maltese puppy is sold.


Harley white morkie has been adopted by Susan and her family.  He is only 3 1/2 lbs. (adult size).


 We breed our own morkies! We never use other breeders!
Our parents live in our home to ensure the best of health for all of our dogs!

Baby Bentley morkie is sold to Katherine!


Gorgeous Bentley is sold to Katherine.


Bentley is sold to Katherine and her family.

Beautiful Murphy is sold to Vicki from Toronto.


Handsome Murphy is sold to Vicki from Toronto!


Tiny Bailey blond teacup morkie is sold!

Tiny Bailey teacup morkie is sold to Andrew & Linda and their family from Uxbridge.


Our gorgeous Gucci, blond morkie male is sold to Stacey from Aurora, Ontario !


Gucci is sold, we have one white male with blond ears available.
Perfect non shedding blond morkie male, ideal for a family because Gucci is very friendly and playful.

CONTACT US  to send a deposit to reserve a beautiful Morkie or one of our gorgeous  Maltese puppies!



We have gorgeous females and male morkie puppies available! We also have one gorgeous male Maltese puppy available!


Little Kitty, gorgeous teacup, white female is sold to Laurie from Kincardine, Ontario!

Gorgeous tiny teacup Kitty is sold to Laurie from Kincardine, Ontario!

Gorgeous tiny teacup Kitty is sold to Laurie (with mom) from Kincardine, Ontario!
"Thank you so much... We are getting along just great with Little Kitty and I'm so in love.
She's so special. She is wonderful." Laurie


Our tiny teacup Bailey is available! Very rare color. 3-4 lbs as an adult. More pictures of tiny Bailey are below.


Gorgeous tiny Bailey, blond male morkie is sold to Linda and Andrew from Niagara Falls, (2nd puppy from us!)
Bailey is a very rare blond morkie. He could not be cuter! Very sweet personality.


This is  Matteo who asked his mom for a puppy!
 Matteo's mom Fiorella, her husband John Reyes, Matteo's father, their 3 sons, Marco, Maverick and Matteo from Milton, Ontario.

This is Matteo with one of his favorite nurses, Laurel.
Little Matteo is an 8 year old boy in McMaster Hospital diagnosed with  Acute Lymphoblastic leukemia.

His chemo treatments caused a blood clot that resulted in left sided paralysis and in a wheelchair.
Matteo requires 3 years of treatment and his physio is very painful! He has to learn to stand and take tiny steps again, all while battling his cancer. He is a little fighter. All he asked for was a puppy to play with when he goes home in between his hospital stays.

 Matteo with Laurel, his beautiful nurse.

Below is Matteo and Cassandra another favorite nurse! These caring, hard working nurses have become like sisters to Fiorella.
They are so beautiful inside and out! Thank you for caring for Matteo Laurel and Cassandra!


Cassandra, Matteo's nurse.

Matteo with Baby Ollie and his dad, John from Milton, ON.


 Matteo from Milton, On with Ollie!


Renaldo is available, for sale!


 Renaldo is for sale, black and tan gorgeous toy size morkie.

Anthony has surprised his gorgeous wife Kimberly with a tiny morkie girl!


Anthony and Kimberly from Toronto adopted a tiny white female morkie. "THANK YOU we love her!!:)"
This beautiful little female morkie is already 4 months, only 2lbs, (size of 2 month old toy morkie).  




CONTACT US TO RESERVE a morkie puppy!  647-202-0372


 Our gorgeous Gucci is sold!

CONTACT US  to send a deposit to reserve our gorgeous tiny Bailey morkie or a Maltese puppy!  647-202-0372


Tiny Teacup Bailey, RARE BLOND color is available! 3-4lbs estimated adult weight.

Very sweet, tiny little blond male morkie puppy is available. (Teacup). 3-4lbs is estimated adult size.

CONTACT US  to send a deposit to reserve our tiny Bailey or a different morkie or a Maltese puppy!  647-202-0372


Little Darla is sold to Randy and Linda from Guelph Ontario!

Randy and Linda from Guelph, Ontario have adopted our little Darla!

Timmy is SOLD.
Timmy is a very friendly, fun,playful little boy!


Our gorgeous Timmy is sold. His family is below.

This is Timmy's new family!  Dawn and Peter from Niagara Falls have adopted our gorgeous Timmy for her mom and dad!

Dawn and Peter from Niagara Falls, with Timmy, a gift from Dawn to her father and mother!

(All of our puppies are hypo allergenic and non shedding). 

 CONTACT US  to send a deposit to reserve our gorgeous Darla, a male  or a different morkie or a Maltese puppy! 647-202-0372


This gorgeous black and tan morkie male, Renaldo is AVAILABLE! 5-6lbs.

Renaldo is for sale!

One black and tan male, Renaldo is available. 4-6lbs.
One very handsome blond male Gucci is available. 6-7lbs.
One small blond male, Bailey is available. 4-5lbs.

CONTACT US  to send a deposit to reserve one of our gorgeous morkies!


Gucci is for sale. Gucci is a gorgeous blond morkie male. Stunning color. Estimated adult weight is 6-7lbs.

CONTACT US  to send a deposit to reserve one of our gorgeous  morkie puppies!



Tiger Morkie is sold to Barbara and her husband from Markham, Ontario.



Tiny black and tan teacup morkie female has been adopted to Sabrina from Toronto.

Sabrina has adopted our tiny black and tan female morkie.


Saje, small white and black morkie female has been adodpted by Susan from Ancaster.

Susan and her family with little Saje!


Hari from Mississauga and his family have adopted our gorgeous Simba!

Trixie is sold.

CONTACT US  to send a deposit to reserve a morkie puppy!  647-202-0372


Dana and Steve from Georgetown have adopted Ben!

Dana and Steve from Georgetown with their beautiful children, Brendan, Olivia and Anna have adopted little Ben.


Dr. Chrystella and her daughter with one of our gorgeous white morkie males!


 This little morkie male is sold to Vindhya.



CONTACT US   to send us a deposit for a morkie puppy!   647-202-0372

 We have beautiful male and female morkie puppies available. Some are very small. They are ready for end of August-September!
We have one white & dark blond male morkie (STUNNING, RARE COLOR).



Charlie's family. Albert, Isabelle, Katalin and Victoria from Stouffville, Ontario.



Please CONTACT US  to send us a deposit for a white, blond, gold or black and tan morkie puppy!


Penny is sold but we have one small gorgeous white female and male ready for end of August-September.

We have one small gorgeous white female and male ready for the end of August-September!

Donna with little Chip!

We are accepting deposits for our Morkie puppies!  

CONTACT US   to send us a deposit for a morkie puppy!

All of the Morkies on our site are puppies we have bred over many years of successful breeding of Morkies!

We only post pictures of our puppies we have bred ourselves!

Samuel Morkie puppy is sold To Michelle, her husband Gary and her 2 daughter Katie and Alex from Burlington, Ontario.

Michelle with her 2 daughters, Katie and Alex from Burlington have adopted our gorgeous Samuel, renamed him to "Finn".

Concetta and Sonia from Oakville.


Spencer is home for the holidays! Spencer has been adopted by Lisa and her husband from Burlington, On.
His new family is Zach, Carter, Ben, Kody and Sam and their cockapoo! What a lucky little puppy.


CONTACT US  to reserve a morkie puppy!

Corina with her daughter Andra and little Hazel!

 CONTACT US to reserve a morkie puppy from an upcoming litter.


Lilibel, small white and black female is sold to Deanna and Jon from Ottawa.

Lilibel is sold, but we have one gorgeous white and black female available now!

Chester has been adopted by Frank and Diane from Sault St. Marie!


Bella in home in Ottawa!


Daisy Morkie Teacup

Daisy is adopted to Steve and Laura from Richmond Hill, On.
 Daisy with their grandchildren; Barret, Hunter and Kinsley.

Gorgeous Geppetto is Tyler's morkie from Kitchener, Ontario

Ola and Tom adopted our gorgeous rare black Morkie male.

Ola, Tom and their children Izabela and  from London, Ontario.


Mogul with her family in Calgary, Alberta.

We own the parents of your morkie puppy and they are available to meet when you pick up your puppy! 

CONTACT US  to reserve a morkie puppy from us!
We have 1 small, female morkie puppy available, (Teacup size) Tinkerbelle !

Little Olly, morkie 4.5lbs gorgeous morkie adult, adopted to Bobbie and Len from Toronto.


Tiffani gorgeous, black and white morkie female is adopted by Jeff and Leslie.  (Coldwater, Barrie).

Jeff and Leslie's gorgeous Tiffani, white and black morkie female. Very smart little girl!

We have one small white & black  morkie female puppy available, Little Lucy!


Molly morkie is sold to Dena and her family from Oakville, ON 


Molly is sold to Dena and her husband John, their children Ava & Christian. Grandma Rennee came along to help with Molly.




 Molly is sold to Dena & John!

Nu Nu is adopted to Janya from Sault St. Marie. He is 5 years old now, stunning white morkie!
Janya keeps him so beautiful!

Janya from Sault St. Marie with 2 of our white morkies!
Nu Nu is an adult, (5 years old) and she has adopted another puppy to keep Nu Nu company.

Janya says that everyone just loves the puppy, Charlie and Nu Nu is very protective of him.
Both Nu Nu and Charlie are white morkies she has adopted from us. They are gorgeous pups!

Black and tan larger adult.

Emma is a black & tan morkie adult. Her owner sent in this picture and says she is very smart.



Little Olly is adopted to Joelle, (vet tech), husband Doug Clark, (ITG's & (BMO's) financial Guru) and their 2 boys, Matthew and Nicolas from New Market.



We are the breeder of our puppies!
Healthy nursing puppies.

 Our healthy nursing morkie puppies! Our puppies stay with mom until they go to their forever home!

Sonia and Concetta from Oakville, Ontario.

Most of our morkies are small; 5-8lbs as adults, the perfect size for families, or for retired couples to travel with or single persons!
OUR MORKIES ARE NON SHEDDING AND HYPO ALLERGENIC for the majority of people with allergies.

***We have 1  white female and 1 white male available. 
 We have 1 white & black male and 1 white &black female available.
We have 1 white and dark blond male available for a deposit. 

We can only reserve a Morkie puppy with a deposit.

Little Lily is sold to Debi from Halifax, Nova Scotia. She is an adult in this picture.

Lily is an adult.

Lily is an adult above. Below are her puppy pictures!

Little Lily is sold to Debi from Halifax, Nova Scotia

Lily as a baby with Debi & Courtney, Debi's daughter!

Lily with Kourtney ! Nova Scotia.


 Olivia black and tan morkie female.

Theo is adopted by Kasia, Ali and their son, Luca.

Gorgoeus, Mogul morkie, black & white adult female morkie, adopted by Marci and her family from Calgary, Alberta.

Perfect Mogul morkie!





CONTACT US to get details to reserve a morkie puppy from us! We have a white male available.

Our morkies are NON SHEDDING and hypo allergenic.
Our morkies have excellent temperament. They are friendly, happy and playful.



Max is sold to Chris and his family from Alberta.


Max is so gorgeous and he is perfect size. 5-7lbs. Max has gorgeous blue/green eyes!
Gorgeous Max is sold to Chris and his wife and family from Calgary, Alberta.

Gorgeous Gus is sold to Rachel, Jesse and Marnie.


Our gorgeous Gus now an adult, adopted to Rachel's family.

Tiny Dove, white and tan small female morkie is sold to Jenna Beasley from Cambridge, Ontario.

 This is gorgeous Dove, sold to Jenna.
Jenna Beasley,  a young dancer from Cambridge, ON has adopted our beautiful, little Dove.

Olly is a white and black morkie male.



Emma at her home with Valentino!

Snoopy and Little Wolf have been adopted to Eugene and his 2 daughters Olivia and Anna from Barbados.


 Eugene, owner of Ottawa Senators with his beautiful daughters, Olivia and Anna from Barbados have adopted Snoopy and Little Wolf.


Little Wolf and Snoopy are sold to Eugene and his daughters Olivia and Anna from Barbados.

 Snoopy and Little Wolf are sold to Eugene and his two daughters Anna and Olivia from Barbados.

 Our stunning Little Wolf is sold to Eugene and his daughters Anna and Olivia.




LOOK AT THE COAT ON OUR LITTLE BECKS! SOLD to Nanci and Bob from Mississauga.


Our Little "Becks" morkie male is sold to Nanci and her husband Bob from Mississauga.

Nanci at home with Morkie puppy "Becks". Cocker Spaniel "Flynn" and Yorkie "Shiloh" welcome little Becks Morkie into their home!



Vicky, white and black female morkie is sold to Tina, her husband Sal and their son Mike with his daughter Michaela, from Markham.

Tina with her beautiful granddaughter, Michaela from Markham.

Mike with his little daughter, Michaela and her new morkie puppy!


Penny is sold to Chris and Summer from Waterdown, Ontario.


Penny is sold to Chris and Summer from Waterdown, Ontario.

Chris, his wife Summer and their daughter Elle with Penny are from Waterdown, Ontario.


Mogul, gorgeous female morkie is sold to Jay and Marci from Calgary.


 Jay and Marci adopted little "Mogul" gorgeous white and black and tan morkie. They are from Calgary.

Jay with his wife Marci and their beautiful daughters Zoe, Avery and Molly with little Mogul female Morkie. (Calgary).

 Mogul as an adult morkie with Jay from Calgary.


Benson is sold.

 Benson is sold to Emily and her family from London, Ontario.


Gorgeous Benson is sold to Stacey, James and their children; Emily, Nicholas and Andrew from London, Ontario.


Our gorgeous Valentino is sold to Dory, her husband Matt and their children, Noah and Emma from Toronto.


Our Beautiful Angel is sold to Stephanie from Nova Scotia.



Angel is sold to Stephanie from Nova Scotia.

CONTACT US  to reserve a morkie.


 Cookie is sold to Donna Mau from Markham.


Cookie is sold to Donna Mau from Markham, Ontario.


Tiny Little Gucci morkie puppy is sold.


 Little Gucci is so little and so gorgeous!

 Little Gucci morkie puppy is sold to Richard and his family from North Bay.

Adrian and Marcia with little Gucci!


 CONTACT US  to reserve a morkie puppy.



 Oliver morkie puppy is sold to Sandra from Toronto.


We have morkie puppies available!

CONTACT US  to reserve a morkie puppy!


Shadow is sold to Peter and Susan and their children Ally and Matthew from Toronto, On.

Little Shadow Morkie has been adopted by Susan, Alley, Matthew and Peter from Toronto.

Shadow black morkie puppy with Susan, Ally, Matthew and Peter from Toronto, Ontario.

Smash Panda bear morkie is sold to Mimi and her 2 sons, Louis and Philippe from Toronto.

Smash is sold to Louis and Philippe.



Your morkie puppy comes with a health GUARANTEE!

 We are the only breeder in Canada that specializes in breeding ONLY MORKIES and NO OTHER BREED!

Our morkie puppies are outstanding, you won't find this quality of morkie puppies anywhere!

We specialize in breeding the highest quality morkie puppies in Canada and for this reason we are proud that we have our morkies all over Canada from British Columbia to Labrador Newfoundland and Nunavut. 


 Please view our morkie puppies below that have been born to us over the years.


 We are a very small morkie puppy breeder so we have very few morkie puppies for sale. 
Our morkie puppies are the HIGHEST QUALITY and THE HEALTHIEST morkies. WE ONLY BREED MORKIES.

Our puppies are raised in our home.

We are the breeders of all of our morkie puppies and  we own our the  parents of our morkie puppies and parents are available to meet when you pick up your puppy.


   Little Katie Morkie is sold to Lorraine from Nunavut.

Little Katie morkie puppy is sold to Lorraine from Nunavut!

Little Kate is an adult now! Thank you for sharing her with us Lorraine. She is so sweet.


Here are some pics of Kate (AKA Bindi).  She has quickly become one of the loves of my life!  She and her brother, Bo, get on so well.  She is loved by all who have met her.  Thank you SO much for this new gift to my life!



Little Mickey is sold to Edith.



Little Minnie is sold.


Little teacup female Minnie Morkie puppy is sold. She is very beautiful! 

Gia below is sold.

Little Gia is sold.

Sally, from Scarborough, with small black and tan morkie male. Sally named her morkie, Kovu!


 Sally from Scarborough, with black and tan morkie male, Kovu.



Our little Cody is so perfect! Cody is SOLD.

We are the breeders of gorgeous morkie puppies.
We own our parents of all of our puppies and Cody's parents are available to meet when you meet our fun little boy. Cody will be 6-8lbs as an adult.
Cody has a perfect vet check, health certificate, vaccinated and dewormed. 2 year Guarantee included.

 Sonia and Jason and Jukna from London, On. have adopted our beautiful Cody. They also have our gorgeous Aramis with a heart, renamed to "Dasher-Heart"!

All of our morkies have very healthy, non shedding, coats.
We care about quality and breed fewer puppies then others, we breed only the best morkie puppies!


Picture with hand shows size of Cody now.

I included my hand in this picture to illustrate how small Cody is; the other pictures are taken close to show detail.


Sam Retriever and our little Harley Morkie adopted to Mike and Carol from Ontario.

Harley Morkie is sold to Mike and Carol from Northern Ontario.


Alison and Oliver morkie from Toronto.


Alison and Oliver.


Gorgeous Golden Morkie male Tanner is sold to Francis from Windsor, Ontario.


Tanner, light tan morkie puppy, is sold to Francis from Windsor, Ontario.

Gorgeous Golden Morkie Tanner is sold to Francis from Windsor, Ontario.


PLEASE CONTACT US to reserve a beautiful Morkie puppy from us.  


Bentley and Teddy morkie puppies are sold to Winnipeg and New York.


Bentley morkie puppy lives in Winnipeg and Teddy morkie puppy lives in New York.


Violet is sold to Patricia from Calgary, Alberta.


Sweet little Violet is sold.



Because we own the parents to our puppies, we are limited to fewer puppies then everyone else
so we rarely have any puppies ready to go home when you contact us.
But our puppies are very healthy and so gorgeous, they are so worth the wait!

Parents are available to meet when you pick up your puppy to go home.

  PLEASE CONTACT US to reserve a beautiful morkie puppy from us.  



Gorgeous Violet is sold.



Violet is sold.


 PLEASE CONTACT US to reserve a beautiful morkie puppy from us.



Nicole with Penny, from Guelph, renamed to Tash, more pictures of her are below.


PLEASE CONTACT US to send a deposit to reserve a morkie puppy.


   Gizmo is sold to Grace and her family from Guelph.  

Gizmo is all grown up now. He wants to be an accountant.


Percila is sold to Robyn from Montreal.


 Gorgeous Percila is sold to Robyn from Montreal.




Princess, white morkie now an adult, is sold to Yvonne, Grant and Jocelyn.

Rio, Percila's brother is sold to Yvonne and Grant and their daughter, Jocelyn from Toronto.


Rio and Princess


Rio and Jocelyn



 PLEASE CONTACT US to reserve a morkie puppy.





Little Penny is sold. Renamed to Tash, her adult pictures are below.

Little Penny is a very rare copper color, very small female. Penny is sold to Janet from Guelph. Renamed to Tash.


Hi, Penny AKA Tash is doing well. She had her third shot and weighs 2.5 pounds. We are all in love with her cute face and awesome personality. She has learned to sit and lay down on command. She will have her first hair trim next week.  Take care. Janet and Nicole




Jordan has been adopted by Scott and Kara and their family from Calgary, Alberta.


Jordan is sold to Scott and Kara and their children from Calgary, Alberta.


"Little Lola" is one of our "black and tan"  morkie puppies, now an adult, adopted by Carey from New Market, On.

She is an adult in this picture. Thanks Carey! She's so gorgeous!


Hi, hope you are doing well...She is beautiful!!! She is 2.6lbs.
People stop me everywhere cause they just love her face!! She is tiny but she eats, she isn't shy about eating! 
So glad you recommended her for me - just love her to bits!  Carey





Gorgeous Lauri morkie has been adopted to Arlene from British Columbia.


Gorgeous  little Daisy is the sweetest little morkie you will ever meet! Very quiet!



Daisy is sold to Tammy and Scott from Brantford, Ontario.


Chloe is sold to Darlene from Markdale, ON.




Chloe is sold to Darlene from Markdale, ON.


Chloe at home in Markdale, ON.

Daisy, Chloe's sister is available, Daisy is smaller than Chloe.


Beautiful Emily is sold to Mary and Brett from Ottawa, Ontario.


 pictures of coco... she is just so adorable that I want you to see how perfect your puppies then out!!!
She is the best dog ever. Thanks so much!


Beautiful Emily is sold!


 Enjoy viewing our morkies from previous years!

Bright eyes, very smart little dog!  Healthy is attractive.

  Look how bright his eyes are! We breed the most beautiful morkies!





 Our pretty little Ginger is sold.




Ginger, white and gold morkie is sold to Lisa and her daughter Lexi from Whitby, Ontario. Lisa with Ginger.


Gorgeous golden morkie Gucci is sold.


Gucci is sold to Natalia and Gary from Montreal.


Lexi morkie is sold to Jason from Toronto.

Gorgeous Lexi is sold to Jason from Toronto.


What a handsome morkie!  Gorgeous small black and tan morkie, extra shiny coat!  Max is sold.

Gorgeous Max morkie puppy is sold! Huge eyes, extra shiny, soft, silky, non shedding, hypo allergenic coat!



 Our morkies have very beautiful coats. They are outstanding!


Cocoa is sold to Lauri from Toronto. Wow! She looks like a little toy!

Please CONTACT US to adopt your morkie.  

 Pam with Mia and her grandchildren.



Here are photos of our darling Mia.  She has settled in really well.  She has lots of energy and eats well.   We all just love her so much.  The grandkids with me are Ava, Liam, Lyla and Jayden.  Pam


Thanks for the gorgeous picture of Mia!

We are actual morkie breeders not breeder representatives.
This means our family owns the parents of your puppy, we never repurchase puppies from other breeders and resell them to the public. Our site represents puppies that we have personally bred over the years.

Because we only represent our own puppies they are the highest quality and this means our puppies are limited. 
We very seldom have any puppies ready to go home when you contact us.


 Introducing gorgeous Lexi morkie female:  SOLD

Gorgeous morkie female, Lexi has very unique colors.


Gorgeous Tri-Color morkie puppy Arthur is sold to David and Brenda from Hamilton, On.

Gorgeous Morkie, Arthur is sold to David and Brenda from Hamilton!

He is an outstanding morkie!

Gorgeous Arthur is sold to David and Brenda from Hamilton, On.


One of our previous black and white puppies.

 Gorgeous Joey Morkie adopted to Shane and Christine

We specialize in breeding beautiful and healthy morkies. We breed the highest quality toy morkies,
including tiny toy, mini pups and teacup morkie puppies!
You will find the most beautiful and healthy Morkie puppies with us.
We are a breeder,  we own your puppy's parents. This means we often run out of puppies because we do not purchase our puppies from other breeders, we only sell our own puppies, so our puppies are limited.

We are conveniently located near Toronto, Ontario, Canada but our customers are from all over Canada.
We are a Canadian breeder and the only breeder that breeds only Morkies.
We have been breeding Morkie puppies longer than other breeders.
Our dogs are our passion and we breed carefully to give you the best Morkie puppy possible. See the difference!
Our puppies are outstanding!
Our puppies are healthy and their temperaments are excellent for families, couples, retired people and single persons. 
We guarantee our puppies for 2 years!


Please CONTACT US for details how to reserve a morkie puppy from us!

Puppies below are sold.

Gorgeous female morkie, Kali is sold to Gary and Wendy from Milton, On.

Little Kali could not be cuter!  

 Kali is sold to Wendy and Gary from Milton, On.

"Bugsy": Black & tan morkie (SOLD) from a previous year.

2 different black & tan morkies from previous litters we've had!

"Zeus": Black & tan morkie (SOLD)

Zeus, gorgeous black and tan male morkie from a previous year is sold to Lorena  from Ottawa.


Introducing little teacup Logan morkie puppy: SOLD

Logan is a very small cute black and tan morkie puppy, his face is very cute and he is a teacup morkie, estimated to be 4-5lbs.
Look at the shine on Logan's coat!


Little Diesel (Logan)  is sold to Nina and her family from Toronto.

Nina and her daughters, Jayme, Jayden and Jessica is holding Diesel.

Little Diesel is sold to Nina and her family, he will be joining their morkie, Mickey they adopted from us 4 years ago.

This is Mickey, 4 years old. He's about 5-6 lbs. He is the cutest dog so loving and caring.

Nina is adding little Logan to her family. They adopted Mickey from us 4 years ago.


Introducing little Roman, sold to Aoife!


What a cute puppy! Roman is a sweetie, sold to Caroline and her family for their daughter, Aoife from Mississauga.



Introducing little "Gucci" golden Morkie. SOLD to Natalia and Gary from Montreal.

Gucci is SOLD.

Gorgeous Gucci is sold to Natalia and Gary from Montreal.

Natalia and Gucci.


Gorgeous little Honey: SOLD Honey is too beautiful for words!

Little Honey Morkie is gorgeous! Look at her coat, it is magnificent!


 Little Honey is sold to Cathy and her daughter from Simcoe, Ontario.



Introducing Zorro: Sold to Tally and Andrew from Toronto.



Zorro, sold to Tally and Andrew from Toronto

Introducing Porthos: SOLD



Porthos is SOLD to Juan and Catalina from Oakville.

"He is the new love of our life, we are very happy, thank you," Catalina


Little Aramis is a miracle puppy!  Aramis is SOLD to Jason, Sonia and Juka.



Our Aramis with hearts is SOLD and going home with Jason, Sonia and their daughter Juka.


Muffin is one of our gorgoeus white and black female puppies. Isn't she a beauty!


One of our black and white morkies!


Adult Black and white and gold Morkie.

One of our black and white and tan morkies as an adult. Thank you for the picture Wendy! He's gorgeous!


One of our black and tan morkie puppies grown up. 
Sold to Jeoff and Paula and their family. Thanks  for the picture Paula! He's so gorgeous! WOW!

One of our morkie puppies as an adult, sold to Jeoff and Paula from Toronto.

TUCKER IS SOLD to Catherine from Toronto, ON.

Daisy, gorgeous, smart morkie female is SOLD

DAISY, black female morkie, she is small, smart and playful, what a cute little girl!
(Estimated to be 4-6lbs adult). Daisy is sold to Colleen from Winnipeg.
Colleen says she is a very smart little girl.

Little Buddy is a very bright, excellent tempered morkie puppy.
Little Buddy is SOLD to Marissa from Toronto.


Our happy Little Buddy has found his new family from Toronto.

 Buddy is SOLD.

Morkie puppy Pete is SOLD


Little Pete is a happy little morkie puppy, he smiling and wagging his little tail.
Pete is sold to Jeoff and Paula from Toronto.  We have one gorgeous morkie ready to go home!

Please CONTACT US if you are interested in adopting a morkie puppy from us!




View our gorgeous morkie puppies below from the past decades!

Gorgeous Daisy is SOLD

Gorgeous Little Daisy is SOLD to Joshephine and Dan from Kingston, ON. 

Penny, morkie female is SOLD.
Penny is sold to Yvonne and Keith from Kingston, On.
Yvonee home with Penny at 3 months old. Renamed Lexi.              Lexi as an adult weighing 4lbs.
Thanks for the gorgeous pictures Yvonne and for keeping in touch!

Lexie is doing very well. She weighs 4 lbs. 2 oz.
She gives us lots of laughs and joy.
Take care, Yvonne & Keith

 Little Princess is a black and tan morkie female.
Little Princess is SOLD

Little Princess is estimated to be 4-5lbs.
Little Princess is sold Jacqueline

Mikey, is a small morkie male, (Princess' brother) he is ready for January.

Mikey is sold to Tina and her family from Halifax, Nova Scotia.

We are the breeder so we have a very limited amount of puppies,
we are not a breeder service with puppies ready to go.

Buddy is sold.


Our Little Buddy could not be sweeter!
 Buddy went home with Sylvie and Dan from Timmins, Ontario. 

Gorgeous Teddy morkie is SOLD.


Teddy Bear, morkie male is sold to Stana and her husband, Carl from Kitchener.

Beautiful, Tiny teacup morkie puppy Pepper will be 4-5lbs.


Sarah and Elaine from Toronto, have adopted Pepper and Lui. 


Jesse luvs our family. Already peeing in the same spot where we placed the pee pad. He is eating his food. Luvs my daughter, Christine.
He follows her everywhere We have named him "Chewy", like the star wars character. Just a great little puppy. John


Beautiful Bailey, Morkie female is sold.
Her temperament is very good. She is a smart, calm puppy.
Bailey is going home with Marlene from Calgary, Alberta.

Zeus is one of our previous black/tan morkie puppies.
(Zeus is sold to Lorena from Ottawa.)

 Zeus is one of our  gorgeous Morkie puppies, sold to Lorena from Ottawa. 

We are a Canadian Morkie Toronto breeder where you will find the most beautiful
& healthy Maltese X Yorkie or Yorkshire Terrier puppies for sale also known as Morky / Morkie puppies for sale that you have ever seen
with the best temperaments from an experienced, reputable breeder! 

We only breed a limited amount of puppies. 

Please note* We are not a breeding service, or a broker!
We ARE the breeder of our puppies only and we own our puppies parents,
unlike a breeder service who purchase puppies and resell them to the public.

See puppy mill page.

Charles morkie is sold!

Gorgeous Charles morkie is sold.
Our handsome Charles morkie is so gorgeous!
Charles has a really nice personality, he is a calm puppy and he is smart.
Our handsome Charles has found a home with Dave, Christine and their daughters, Emma and Sadie from Toronto, On.  

ALL Morkies below are a collection of our puppies over many years and they are already sold.

My beautiful tiny teacup morkies!
We were very blessed with a very special litter of the 5 prettiest, tiniest morkie puppies. All females. These are all sold.
Congratulations to all their families.

Our gorgeous white teacup morkie puppy little Daisy is sold.

Tiny white Daisy morkie is sold. 

We raise our OWN morkie puppies for families to adopt!  We are not a broker or puppy match company.
Every Yorkie X Maltese Morkie puppy on our site is a puppy we have breed and raised ourselves.

Tiny Teacup Charlie is sold!

Little Charlie is sold to Jocelyn from Toronto! Estimated to be 4lbs.

Black Panther is sold! 

Panther is renamed to Pepper! What a great name!
 Panther has been adopted by Edith, husband and her daughter Erica and her brothers from Whitby.
They loved how playful he is!

Conner has been adopted to Dee Dee and her family from Etobicoke, ON.
Image Image
Conner with Kierdra, his new owner. Conner loves Kierdra.

Conner's brother, Oreo is sold to Don and his family with 2 sons from Sudbury, Ontario.
This is Don with one of his sons named Devon. Oreo loves Devon.

Oreo is an exceptional dog and everyone who meets him falls in love with him.
He's a gorgeous dog and all who meet him agree with me.
He's very special to us and we couldn't imagine our home without him!
Thanks again,

Our morkie puppies are vet checked, dewormed, up to date vaccine, health certificate,
paper trained.

Please CONTACT US if you are interested in adopting a morkie from us.  

Small Samantha is sold.

Samantha morkie or yorkie maltese puppy is sold.
She will be beautiful a rich blond  or golden color. Her ears will go down as she gets older.
She is friendly, playful, bright little girl and loves to cuddle, she is sold.
Samantha has been adopted by Susann from Ottawa. She is 4lbs as an adult.

Little Charlie (Lui) is sold.
Little Lui morkie has been adopted by Wendy & Terrie from Burlington
Wendy and Terri from Burlington have adopted him. Their parents in Markham have Penny and just love her.

Gorgeous Tiny teacup morkie puppy Butler is SOLD!

Tiny Butler is very tiny and very perfect!
Our tiny Butler has been adopted by Melissa and Danny from Toronto.
 Tiny Butler!

Butler is sold to Melissa and Danny from Toronto

Tiny Butler morkie teacup male will be 3lbs full grown.

Our teacups are very rare. Tiny Butler is sold.


I just wanted to give you an update on precious Butler aka Biggie! He is doing so great and has adjusted very very well!
He is such a loving and playful little guy and we love him so much!  He's doing amazing with potty training and eating very frequently to keep his tiny stomach full! Thank you so much for raising him as well as you did since birth. He's our perfect little angel! Love Melissa and Danny

Melissa also adds that the vet said he is very healthy and was a very well bred puppy!

  Lucy is so adorable, our little Lucy white morkie has been adopted by Frank and Silvana!

Lucy will snuggle, sit in your lap, play, and has a sense of humor, she is so cute!
Lucy is small, 4-5lbs, Little Lucy has been adopted to Silvana and Frank and their family for a gift for their daughter, Gulia!

Pete is sold. Pete is gorgeous! Renamed to "Nu Nu".

Pete renamed to Nu Nu is a rare white morkie is for sold to Janya from Sault Ste Marie, he is super fluffy!
He is the nicest little dog, friendly, playful, happy, healthy;
everything you want in a companion or family little dog!
Pete is so gorgeous!! He is friendly, playful and the nicest little morkie boy.
Pete/Nu Nu morkie is sold to Janya from Sault Ste Marie. 

Janya says he is 3 1/2 lbs at 5 months old, she adds he is a wonderful puppy, so sweet, obedient and she just loves him.
He plays very well with Maud's Bella. She says he is very smart and is trained.

This is Travis Morkie puppy. Beautiful Travis morkie puppy is sold to Wendy from Toronto.

Morkie Travis is sold to Wendy from Toronto. Her father has adopted Winston.
Introducing Winston morkie. Winston is sold. 

Winston is a very nice morkie puppy,  he has a very happy disposition.
Winston has been adopted to William from Toronto and will play with his daughter's puppy, Travis. Winston and Travis are brothers.
This is Wendy with Travis Morkie and her father William with Winston Morkie from Toronto.

Wendy sent pictures of  Travis renamed to Chewi and Winston at home all grown up!
Aren't they gorgeous boys!!!

This is Travis/Chewi and Winston have grown up.

 I have kept Winston as the name for my puppy but Travis has been changed to Chewie. 
They are getting along great and not a peep out of either one of them overnight since we brought them home. 

Regards, William 

This is Daisy Morkie, she is adopted!

Our white and gold Daisy morkie has found a home in Markham with Jennefer and her husband and their 3 beautiful daughters.

Daisy's new family

Daisy is such an amazing dogJ She’s eating, playing,
sleeping well and has not made a mistake in the house yetJ
We love her so muchJ We went to the Vet and sheIs perfect “doctors words exactly”J
Thanks again for this wonderful experience and for raising her to be such a SWEETIEJ
Will send pictures soonJHope you and the family are well,


Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know Daisy is doing greatJ 
She just went up the stairsYesterday – we were so excitedJ  She is such an amazing dogJ

This is teeny tiny teacup morkie Blossom, She is sold.
She looks like Hello Kitty!
Our little Blossom/Hello Kitty morkie is going home with Dany and Neena from Sudbury, Ontario.

Tiny Blossom morkie is one of the tiniest morkie puppies we have ever had. She will be 2-3lbs. Blossom has personality,
she is a little sweetie and will cuddle with you, Her coat is amazing. She feels like a bunny, so incredibly soft,
but she wont shed and she is hypo allergenic, she is smaller than a bunny and will cuddle! 
Blossom has been adopted by Dany and Neena and their daughter from Sudbury.
Our teacup are very rare, we don't get them often.

Marcus is a gorgeous white morkie male. He is sold. Marcus will be 4-5lbs, fine for kids

Marcus is sold to Alex

Marcus  is playful and very sweet. He has a very nice disposition.
Marcus morkie is sold, adopted by Alex and her family from Toronto.

Tiny Teacup white morkie Daisy is sold.

Tiny Daisy morkie is sold.

This is gorgeous Rose morkie. Tiny Rose has found a home with  Shirley and her family from Toronto.
Rose is very small and very beautiful, she is white with a little soft gold on her ears.
She is playful and quiet, she can be fun or cuddle, I love our precious little Rose.


Tiny Rose morkie will be 3lbs-4lbs. Rose has a very short nose with big beautiful eyes. She is very sweet.
 Rose is sold to Shirley and her family from Toronto.

Beautiful Avory morkie is sold to Sandra.
Avory is so gorgeous, her eyes are so big! She is a very happy, friendly little girl, her tail is always wagging!
Gorgeous Avory has been adopted to Sandra from British Columbia.

Avory  is a very happy puppy and loves to be held. 

Beautiful Avory is sold to Sandra from British Columbia.
She has also adopted little Tina, a black and tan morkie puppy. They will have each other to play with and Sandra will have 2 daughters!

Our Morkies are absolutely gorgeous puppies with the nicest personalities.
You will not be able to find another puppy to match the quality of these  little darling morkie puppies anywhere!
 We have been breeding morkies the longest, we are the only breeder that breeds only morkies
and we are experts breeding them to give you nothing less than the best! 

Please  CONTACT US if you are interested in adopting a morkie from us.

Simba morkie is sold!

Simba is a small morkie, he will be 5lbs.
He could not be more handsome. 
Simba found a home with Tess and her family.

This is our beautiful Morkie female "Juna".

Juna is a black/tan morkie puppy.

This is Lacy morkie, she is very pretty.
She is sold to John from Toronto and his 2 daughters, Madison and Bianca.

Lacy is sold

This is tiny Morkie "Tessa",

Tessa morkie puppy is friendly & playful & very sweet and loving.
Tessa is very tiny, will be 3 lbs as an adult.


Tessa is very friendly, playful and affectionate, everything you want in a tiny package!
Our tiny Tessa is adopted to Barbara, husband and their daughter Stephanie.

Here with us, you will find morkie puppies for sale from a reputable breeder.
We are confident that you will find the morkie puppy of your dreams here!
We have the most beautiful Morky/Morkie puppies and  linnois puppies for sale now!
Temperament and health are number one to us. 

This is our little Sophie, she has the sweetest little face!

She is very tiny. Our little Sophie morkie has been adopted to Sandy and her family.

This is little Mabel, gorgeous black and tan morkie puppy.

Little Mabel is a very happy, playful little Morkie.
She is adopted by Heather from Edmonton, Alberta.

Other morkie puppies:

Penelope, Lizzy and Darla Morkie are sold! 
Morkies are very loving and affectionate!

This is Maverick, sold to Christine who later adopted Bianca as well.
Maverick Morkie is sold to Christine and family from Alliston

This is Juna morkie, gorgeous and she is so sweet!

Juna is a black and tan morkie female, very sweet temperament, she is very lovely.

This is tiny Chip! He is a "Black & tan" morkie puppy.

Little Chip is the cutest morkie ever! He is so perfect, Chip is sold, he will be 3lbs as an adult.  Congratulations to Carmen from Montreal.

Teacup Morkie Chip is sold to Carmen

Tiny Chip is a teacup Yorkie Maltese or a morkie teacup size puppy.
He is friendly, playful, so affectionate and wants you to love him, estimated to be 3lbs, sold to Carmen from Montreal. 

 Gina and Gracie morkie females are sold.

These 2 little Morkies are very loving little puppies. They are all friendly, affectionate and playful.
Estimated to be 4-6lbs.

Gina morkie is sold to Christine and Shane from Brampton who have Joey. She is doing great. Sleeping at night, using her paper and playing with Joey.

Gracie is sold to Kim and Paul from Sudbury and she is doing great too.
Gracie is 6 months old now. Kim called to say hello. Kim says she is beautiful and she is the smartest  puppy she has ever had, she listens so well to her, she knows how to do tricks already and she was so easy to train to do her business.
She says she is a fantastic little dog and she is very pleased with her!

You can see the quality of our morkie puppies, it's so obvious, just by looking at these gorgeous morkie puppies!
If you want a quality, healthy dog with a great temperament, then our morkies are for your family.

Snoopy is so cute!
Snoopy is sold

Snoopy is so lovable! He is friendly, playful, everything you want in a puppy. 
He is sold to Mack, Heather and their daughter Kylie from Oakville.

Jazzy is fun and full of personality, she is very beautiful, little baby doll! Jazzy will be 3-4lbs. Jazzy is sold.
Teacup Morkie female Jazzy is sold. http://www.morkies.caPlayful teacup Morkie Jazzy is sold to Alex and Carol. http://www.morkies.ca
Tiny Jazzy is adopted to Alex & Carol from Montreal.

Teacup White Yorkie | Morkie Ribbons is sold.

Little tiny Ribbons is very affectionate and so loving.
See pictures of Ribbons and Trisha together, just below.

Ribbons and Trisha together. Ribbons and Trisha are sold.
Ribbons will be 3lb-4lbs and Trisha will be 6-7lbs. They are the same age, but from 2 different litters!

Trisha is the sweetest puppy, she lets tiny Ribbons play with her, she rolls on her back so she doesn't hurt her.

Trisha is so gentle with little Ribbons, she lets her do whatever she wants to. Trisha is so smart for her age, just 9 weeks old!!!!! They are only one week apart, little Ribbons is 8 weeks old.
Trisha already discerns that Ribbons is so much tinier than her, amazing for such a young puppy!
Normally the bigger puppy would not allow a tinier puppy to play this way, she would dominate her.
Trisha has an amazing temperament! 
Trisha will be 6-7lbs.

Trisha is Terry & Toby's sister, she is a black/tan or tri color female morkie.
Trisha is not only beautiful but very smart too. She is playful and affectionate.  Trisha is sold to John and his wife from Richmond Hill.


 My wife was thrilled... Thanks again for all the work and care you put into Trisha, it shows.

 Best regards, John


Terry Bear is so handsome! Terry morkie puppy is sold!
Gorgeous Terry Morkie is sold. http://www.morkies.caTerry Bear Morkie is talented! Terry is sold.

Terry is very bright and listens to you. Terry Bear is very talented and smart!
Terry is very friendly, playful. Our gorgeous, Terry Bear!
Terry will be 5-6lbs.
Terry is sold.  Our gorgeous Terry bear has found a home with Janette from Ajax!

I wanted to tell you that our little Terry is doing great. He has brightened our home and brought us much joy. 
He is such a good boy and slept right through the entire first night.  Rebecca has taught him to fetch his tennis ball already and although he is a bit timid he has learned to go down a small step that we have in our hallway. Our son in law has nicknamed him pocket and everyone who has met him this Christmas has fallen in love with him.  The funniest part is how attached Steve has become calling Terry "My Dog" and walking around the house carrying him.    
Thanks for looking after our Pup.  Jannette  

We have beautiful female and male Morkie Morkies available and ready for the end of July 2011. Both parents are available to meet. Toby is sold to little Isabella who is now 8, but has wanted a puppy since she was 3 years old!


Toby is sold.
Little Toby is very sweet, playful and loves to snuggle.
Toby is sold to  Diana and Paul. Isabella is 8 and has wanted a dog since she was 3. 
Dominik is 13 is excited to bring home.

Here is our sweet beautiful Bear. He  is Adopted/sold.   Bear has perfect vet check.
Bear is a gorgeous white Morkie with gold around his face and top of his white tail, the rest of him is white.

Bear is sold to Eva and her familyWhite Morkie Bear is sold.
White Morkie Bear is sold to Eva and family at http://www.morkies.ca

 Bear is a perfect size for families. He is very friendly and will be playful & fun. 
Our cuddly, fun Bear is going home to a lovely family from Mississauga, Judith & 2 daughters and
their daughter Eva has wanted a dog forever, but suffers from allergies, fortunately she will be able to have a puppy now!
Morkies are hypoallergenic.Look how beautiful Bear is, he is a happy, friendly puppy.
 What a cute puppy!!  "Wow!" Bear is so adorable. Love his smile.
And I love the way he is so friendly and eager to say "hello". I give my little snugly Bear lots of attention.
Love to cuddle him. 
Bear is adopted to Judith, and her family. Bear has perfect vet check.

 Hello again I would love to tell you a bit about Bear!

-He is so fun to be around
-He loves snuggling
-He loves to play

-He is so...good when he wakes up
-He loves everything and everyone!
Thanks for giving Bear to us!
He is so amazing thx again

Beautiful Black Morkie, Shadow is adopted to a family from Toronto. http://www.morkies.ca

Shadow is a very small Morkie, very sweet and loving temperament by nature.
It shows in his photo if you look closely how sweet he is.
He is playful and friendly. 

 He is very tiny,  I'm estimating Shadow to be 4lbs with a small body.
His coat is really nice, soft and fluffy. High quality and you will meet his beautiful parents too.
Shadow Morkie has a perfect vet check, vaccinated and perfect teeth! 
Shadow is sold; adopted by Trisha and her family from Toronto.

Occasionally we have a linnois puppy too which is mostly Maltese X some Yorkshire Terrier puppy, like Cotton below.

  Sweet cuddly Linnois Cotton morkie puppy is sold! A linnois puppy is a Maltese puppy with Yorkshire Terrier. SOLD.
Linnois White Morkie puppy, Cotton adopted to Pam and Jeff Beautiful Linnois puppy, Cotton adopted to Pam and Jeff at http://www.morkies.ca 

Cute  morkie puppy Cotton, Linnois puppy, Maltese with Yorkshire Terrier puppy has been adopted by Pam, Jeff and their 2 daughters from Guelph!
Cotton white linnois puppy cuddles like a little teddy bear! Estimated 6lbs as an adult.
Morkie Cotton is a playful little morkie puppy and he would be great with children, he sits and listens very good. 
Cotton is lucky he has found  a family with kids because that would make him very happy.
Congratulations to Pam, Jeff and their 2 daughters from Guelph.

 Our Morkies have the most beautiful coats. These morkies feel like Minks! Their coats are so incredible.
 Gorgeous Morkie puppies are for sale at http://www.morkie.ca  
Taylor morky  and Tino morkie and Cody morkie are all sold.  They are gorgeous.

Tino is so cute!! His coat is amazing, you can't imagine how the coat of Tino feels! He is just incredible.
It took us  years of breeding Morkies to get our little Tino!
Our Morkies just get better and better! Tino has been adopted by Jennifer and Leo from Ottawa.
Tino Morkie feels like a Mink! Adopted to Jennifer and Leo. Amazing Morkies from http://www.morkies.ca


I think you have sold me the smartest wee puppy on earth!!! Tino has adapted so well to his new surroundings.
He get's in his travel bag for the car with ease, he sleeps 8 hours in his exercise pen with no complaints and he loves,loves,loves me!!
He's fabulous with other people and interacts very well with other pup's...he's not so fond of the big one's though, and who could blame him, he is only 2.9lbs right now :)
He has a new Vet named Sara and she loves him and gave him a glowing report and a perfect bill of health.

He met his new groomer today and was good as gold as well.
Everyone is amazed that a puppy of this age and size is so well behaved.
He sits, he comes, and he can now go up stairs...we are not ready for the down part yet...mommy is more nervous than puppy !!

I can't thank you enough for sharing this wonderful gift with me.

Seriously, he is so smart. Everyone that comes into contact with him is wowed by how calm and sweet he is. Leo and I want to have the best well rounded puppy, after all, this is a life commitment !

 Love you Jennifer xo

Our Gorgeous Cody morkie is sold and adopted to Lynn who needs a companion.
He is a calm dog and will be very good for her. She says he is more beautiful then she thought he would be.
Gorgeous morkies for sale at http://www.morkies.ca

Morkie puppy for sale at http://www.morkies.cahttp://www.morkies.ca
Cody is a very beautiful morkie,  his coat is very shiny and silky, his face is very handsome, white and gold morkie male with unique color patterns. Amazing colors Cody!
This morkie puppy has an excellent temperament, he is calm but playful. 
Cody has 2 perfect vet checks and 2 vaccines. Cody Morkie is sold to Lynn. 
We strive for excellence in our morkie puppies! Our puppies are Vet recommended.
Many vets have commented how healthy and well adjusted our puppies are.

Mary Jo is so beautiful, her coat is so amazing, she feels like a Mink! She is sold.

Mary Jo is sold to Emily and Kyle who have named her Lucy and sent these pictures for us:


Lucy (aka Mary Jo) is doing amazing!! The first few days she was a little shy and loved to cuddle 24/7. After that we began to see her bright, playful little personality come out! She is so much fun and she makes us laugh all the time. She'll be so sweet and resting and then all of a sudden she has all this energy and runs all around the house and we have the best time playing and chasing her. She is fitting in great and we can tell she definitely knows our voices and knows her name now.  She really feels at home here. She is sleeping and eating great.. no issues with going to the bathroom either. She had her 1st vet apt the Monday after we picked her up. The vet not only fell in love with her, but also said she checked out great!  Thank you again, we are in love with her...Emily : )  



Wow, what a cutie! Morkie Rex is sold!  Congratulations to Nayera from Oakville and her 2 girls, ages 9 & 12.
Gorgeous Morkie tri color Rex is sold from http://www.morkies.ca
Morkie puppy Rex is sold from http://www.morkie.ca
Laughing Morkie puppy Rex is sold http://www.morkies.ca
Our little Rex Morkie is friendly, a very happy boy! Perfectly straight teeth, very rare for this breed to have a perfect bite!
Rex is full of fun and personality. We breed the best we possibly can!

 Black and tan or tri color Morkie Rex is small is a small build, tiny parents, but he is strong & solid so he will weigh 5-6lbs,
Rex Morkie is sold and is going home with Nayera from Oakville.

Our morkies are exceptional!

Little Benny is so cute, he is sold.
Teacup tri color or black and tan Morkie is sold to Susan from Ottawa
Gorgeous tri color morkie or black and tan morkie Benny
is adopted to Susan and her husband and their daughter from Ottawa.

Susan called to say that she is so pleased with little Benny, that he is such a good puppy and he surprises them how well behaved he is. She says he doesn't even cry at night and he is has adjusted very well. She said that he has exceeded her expectations!

Our morkies are worth the wait!

All of these morkie puppies from this litter are so beautiful and their temperaments are excellent.
They are playful, but calm and smart little dogs. They are perfect for families.
They are gorgeous morkie puppies!
Mom and dad are excellent, you will be impressed with them and they are available for viewing.

Tommy Morkie is a cutie, he is such a little sweetie. Very loving puppy, will cuddle lots and lots.
Tommy is a very funny puppy too, very entertaining to watch, he does a lot of funny things.
He is available.
I'm his favorite, lol.  Tommy now known as Marty,  owners have sent in a picture of him, so thankfully we can all enjoy how beautiful he has turned out, just keep scrolling down to keep up to date with Marty! He is so beautiful! 
Cute White & Gold Morkie male puppy is AVAILABLE at www.morkie.ca
Sweet Tommy Morkie is so loving, his colors are gorgeous. Tommy morky aka Marty has found a home with Trevor and Donna who adopted our little Abbey. Tommy is now "Marty"

He (Tommy AKA Marty) had a great night last night. He did not cry. He did his business on the pad twice and we got up at 6 o’clock and he and Abbey went into the back yard and he peed and pooped in the back yard. They are having fun.

He is having a ball playing with Abbey and Skipper in the back yard. He will never be lonely and will have an amazing loving home. Thank you so much for you dedication to your passion, Donna, Christine, Shane, Abbey, Joey, Skipper and myself are just thrilled to have the new addition. 

Trevor sent this beautiful picture of Marty aka Tommy and Abbey (formerly both our morkies) for us to enjoy! Abbey is older. Marty is the new arrival.

  Marty has learned how to do the stairs and has not had one accident in the house. He and Abbey are best friends. 


Marty, Abbey and Joey with owners Donna and Christine
Here is new addition Tommy aka Marty with Abbey with owner Donna and Joey with owner Christine, Donna's daughter.
Aren't they gorgeous!!! Can't thank Trevor enough for all the pictures! Love them!

 We took Marty’s stool to the Vet and he came up parasite free. He is fitting in well with the family and the three pups play and have fun all day. I think for sure he is the smartest one of the three. He has still not had any accidents in the house and is the first to do his business in the back yard and get his treat, I think he is teaching the other pups as well .

 Thanks Trevor

Email from Trevor:

 Breeders like yourself who take pride in their passion and spend the time you do with the pups are rare and people should realize “you get what you pay for”. Thanks so much Trevor

Marty Morkie, used to be Tommy, now so gorgeous!!
Marty aka Tommy enjoying fall with Trevor!

Thanks for the gorgeous picture! I love his eyes so much. He is the most loving puppy ever!

What a gorgeous Morkie puppy Taylor is! Look at the smile on his face! He is friendly, playful and he cuddles too! Taylor is everything you want in a puppy! Taylor is now sold.

Happy Morkie Puppy Taylor adopted to Sheron and Sim http://www.morkies.ca
Gorgeous Morkie puppy adopted to Sheron and Sim at http://www.morkies.caGorgeous Morkie puppy , Taylor is adopted to Sheron and Sim http://www.morkies.ca
Gorgeous Morkie Taylor is for sale http://www.morkies.ca
Gorgeous Taylor Morkie is a very handsome Morkie puppy. He is a happy little boy.
he isn't too big and not too small, just the right size to play.
Taylor Morkie is very friendly, outgoing, fun and would be the perfect puppy for a family.
He can handle lots of activity because he is confident, fine for a busy house hold.
Talyor Morkie is sold. 
 Our happy Taylor has found a home in New Market with newly wed Sheron and her husband Sim.

Our gorgeous morkie Maverick is so beautiful! 

Sweet temperament morkie male Maverick only at www.morkies.caImage

Look at the gorgeous coat our morkie puppy has! 
Maverick is beautiful and healthy just like all of our morkies!

What a little sweetie! You can practically see his temperament just by his facial expressions.
We could not be more proud to have breed and raised this outstanding, beautiful morkie puppy!
Only at www.morkies.ca will you find this kind of quality!

Maverick Morkie is vet checked, vaccinated and has a perfect health check.
 This morkie puppy is very beautiful as you can see and SO PERFECT it is incredible!
Maverick Morkie is sold and has found a home with Christine and her family in Alliston. They just love him!

Maverick had his vet introduction and third shot yesterday.
He was very well behaved. Today he received a gift from a friend, a little rain jacket.
How cute is that! I will send you a photo soon. He is settling in to our family well.
Everyone is being entertained by him. We just laugh all through the day.
What a joy he has brought to our lives! Thanks again for raising him so well!




Maverick is a wonderful pet! He has settled into his new home and is doing well. He has made many friends in the neighbourhood, other dogs as well as many of the children. He loves to play with them on his morning walks. He comes to work with me and is enjoyed by all my co-workers as well as my clients.

I am sending a few shots of him for you to see. Thank you so much for Maverick! He is a joy.


Please read more about our sold Morkies Below and don't forget to see more of our sold morkies and even more referrals on the Referral page.

**If you are looking at the pdf file of our site, then please  go to www.morkies.ca to see all photos. Thank you!

Gorgeous Joey Morkie adopted to Shane and Christine
Joey is friendly and has a very nice, easy going temperament. He has an amazing coat!

Joey with his owners Shane and Christine

Joey Morkie, gorgeous male morkie puppy, is sold to Christine and Shane, daughter of Abbey's family,
Trevor and Donna from Brampton.
Joey and Abbey play date at their home

This is Joey and Abbey playing together at their new home.

Abbey with her owner Trevor

This is Abbey with her owner, Trevor enjoying their boat! They have an older cockapoo named Skipper, he lets Abbey lay on top of him. She helps him to stay active. What a tiny little sweetie she is!


Beautiful Bella morkie is sold to Tanya from Sudbury.
Davis male Morkie is sold to a well known physician & his lovely wife from Toronto www.morkies.ca

Davis morkie is gorgeous, healthy and has such an excellent temperament, Davis is sold to a well known physician from Toronto.

 We breed beautiful healthy morkie puppies at www.morkies.ca

Davis Morkie is friendly, playful and wants to cuddle he is a very sweet little boy!
Look at that wagging tail! Davis smiles a lot.
Davis has a perfect health certificate and is vet checked! Davis is sold to a well known  physician from Toronto.

Our morkies are raised in a healthy, happy environment.
They are outstanding. You will see a huge difference in our morkies!


It was really great meeting you too and refreshing to meet someone,
who really cares about the puppies they've chosen to breed and is so knowledgeable too. Diane

Please take time to read emails sent in from our many satisfied clients. They are on the Referral page.
Our satisfied clients have had very positive experiences with our puppies.
They have not experienced the problems that so commonly will happen when people have purchased a puppy
from brokers claiming to have reputable supplies or reputable pet stores.
Caution: Do not be fooled. Brokers include ads that state the weight of the parents but they are selling puppies
for "their mom" or "friend" or "reputable breeder". 

Some dog brokers even include puppies playing in their back yard in their ads in an attempt to copy us! 
But the puppies are still from puppy mills! They do not have the mother or the father.
Please don't be fool by these brokers! No matter where they claim who they got their puppies from,
 if there are no parents on site, this is for sure and can only be a dog broker, guaranteed this puppy is from a puppy mill!
These puppies will have multiple health problems, temperament and personality and training problems that will be stressful and last for the life time of the dog.
One broker even claimed to be a Yorkie breeder!!!
There is no limit to the lies they will tell to sell their puppy mill puppies. They are shameless!
Please refer to the Puppy Mill page of our site if you dont know what a puppy mill is.

We urge you to please get your morkie puppy from a breeder.
Please get your morkie puppy from a reputable breeder.

Broker puppies are not the quality you want for a family pet and you can see it by the puppies they sell.
Their morkie puppies cannot compare to ours. Their puppies do not look healthy because they are from puppy mills.

 Sadly we hear stories like the following all too often. You will not saving any money buying from a broker,
it actually costs more money and your broken heart too!
With her permission, we have added this young woman's email to our site as she wanted us to warn others from buying from brokers or pet stores.
We have omitted her name for her privacy.

Hello, my boyfriend and I have just bought our first home and we are looking
 for a little pup to give all of our love to! We just recently had to put our
 10 week old pup down, after realising a "broker" had sold us a very sick dog
 that was just not getting better. We had him to the vet several times and he
 had been on medication with no luck.. We are very upset but do not want to
 give up hope on finding our best friend. 
Please contact me.
 Thank you.

Our happy clients have sent us many emails of appreciation and many referrals as well!
Please see lots more on our Referrals page.

We can give you the kind of quality morkie puppy you are looking for.
And yes, of course, you will be able to meet your puppy's parents, both mother and father when you visit our puppies.

Maltese mom supervising her morkie puppies at www.morkies.ca
Our baby doll face morkies! Honey and Jasper are sold.

Honey and Jasper playing in the yard with mom watching. Honey and Jasper are sold. Honey is  renamed to Ellie.
Jasper is sold to Michelle from Ottawa and is renamed Ella. LOL

Maltese mom nursing her morkie puppies www.morkies.ca
Honey morkie is sold to Kristy, Shaun and Tessa. Her new name is Ellie.

We finally got into the vet for Ellie's first check up.  She passed with flying colours.  
Ellie is doing great.  She is eating well and drinking water.  We are working on the house training now. 
The vet said you can tell Ellie was very well taken care of when she was with her mom...so thanks for that.  She is an absolute joy!


It takes a lot more time, investment, love, tender care and patience to raise beautiful, well adjusted, healthy puppies.

Our morkie puppies have the chance to play outside in good weather www.morkies.ca

Jasper gorgeous tiny Morkie female is sold to Michelle from Ottawa www.morkies.caImage
Tiny morkies playing!


Just a few words to let you know that Ella, (Jasper) is doing amazing.
She's the most outgoing puppy I've ever seen. And she is so smart and well adjusted.
As a matter of fact, she might be just a little too smart!! (just kidding).
She gets along really well with Zoe our golden retriever and they are so adorable together.
I have now become the most popular woman in all of Ottawa. Everyone wants one exactly like her. Anyways, thank you for such a beautiful little girl. I will keep updating you on her progress.


Just recieved this beautiful picture and update on Jasper aka Ella.


It's been a couple of months since we've picked up Ella and she is doing great.  She sleeps exceptionally well at  

night and getting her to do her business outside has been fairly easy. From the time I brought her home she started going outside and I never had to use the pee pads. Very smart little girl. As far as personality and cuteness, well don't get me started. Oh my God!!!!!  So sweet and so adorable.

She's always so busy and follows us around everywhere. Everyone who sees her just can't believe how sweet and friendly she is. I have tons of dog sitting offers!  She also gets along

great with Zoe, our golden. They play all day together and keeps up on all the long walks. She is the most beautiful perfect little dog for us and we love her so much.  


We are not a kennel, allowing us to spend a lot more time with our puppies and focus on only one breed
becoming the best morkie breeder there is.
We don't breed Malti poo, Shi poo, Pom poo or Yorkies or Maltese or anything else poo. We just breed Morkies.
We are a Morkie breeder in Ontario Canada.

Because we are so focused on only one breed, the Morkie breed you will see the difference in our morkie puppies!
Our morkies are simply the best!

Beautiful Joey Morkie

If you want a morkie it just makes sense to choose us.
If you were considering a Maltese or a Yorkie, please consider a morkie, they are really the best choice.
For this reason we only breed Morkies!



I just wanted to let you know that our beautiful princess Roxie is doing amazing.
She is so well behaved and so adorable and lovable. Pat and I are so happy and in love with her.
Our vet said she cannot believe how well behaved she is, and is in perfect health.
We have her spay booked for the beginning of April. Roxie and my Yorkie Rusty have become best friends.
Everyone who meets her wants to keep her......NO WAY!


thank you so much for raising these amazing puppies for us to love so much. She has made our lives a happier place.
I always smile when I look at her. I will send pictures soon.
She is at 3 and a half pounds...just got her checked again the other day.




Kathy, Pat, Rusty and Roxie

 How are things?

We just wanted to send you another update on Bentley #1. He is simply Amazing!!!
We have had him just over a year and he is so perfect.He still amazes us with his excellent behaviour and his love and affection. 
He thinks at night he is a guard dog, that makes all laugh. He takes turns sleeping with the girl’s at night
but continues to go in his crate during the day while we are at work and school.

 You are commended on doing such an excellent job in raising your puppies.
 Thanks again Nicole, Jason, Savanna, Chloe and Luke Chatham, ON

Our puppies are worth the investment.
You will be actually be saving $1000's in the long run and much frustration as well!

Notice the outstanding beauty in our puppies, how bright their eyes are, their beautiful coats and how happy and playful our puppies are!

Please see our beautiful puppies below!
Please take time to see that in many, many  pictures the puppies are so happy and actually smiling! 
 Thanks & enjoy our site!


Just celebrated Tyler's 2nd b'day Feb. 23.  OMG, he is the smartest dog EVER...I will send you some pics soon.
.he has brought us sooo much joy..my husband is crazy about him as am I. 
He was the easiest dog ever to train and he is so obedient and loving...cannot imagine our lives without him.
  My granddaughter is now 2 the same age and he adores her as she does him..
my daughter just had a beautiful little baby boy on Feb.10
and Tyler is crazy about my daughter as she is of him..
she came over for a day last week and he would not leave her side even when she was feeding the baby.
   He is sooo gentle with him..the vet says he is a very muscular boy and in excellent health.
They love him there.He is on a really good diet.
We walk him daily and play with him every night. He is a bundle of joy.
He is GORGEOUS...our groomer keeps saying that she would love to have him..HA..not in a million years...
we take him everywhere with us. 
He is GORGEOUS... he is surely a beautiful gift...
keep breeding these most amazing dogs..





Beautiful Vanilla morkie blond female is sold.
Sophie is sold to Mark & Eileen

What a sweetie pie little Vanilla morkie is! She is a quiet temperament, as sweet as can be. 
Little Vanilla Morkie is sold.
Congratulations to Dan, Chantal and their daughter, Molly who is 5 years old, loves dogs, family from Kirkland lake!
Chantal sent in an email now that she is an adult, you can read it on the REFERRAL PAGE.


This is Sophie morkie, Vanilla's sister from a previous litter, now an adult. Isn't she adorable! 
She is also Bailey, Davis and Tiny Timmy's sister. Vanilla, Bailey, Davis and Timmy are morkies from the same litter.



Hope all is well. We just celebrated Sophie's 1st birthday last weekend.
She is doing great and is a happy little dog! 

We are so happy with Sophie and how well she adapted to her new home and with Bear.
We have had such a great experience with bringing Sophie home with us as a playmate for Bear.
 They are happier together and it also gives us peace of mind knowing that the both of them have each other when we are not with them.
Sophie has quite the personality and makes us laugh everyday (especially when she and Bear are playing around).
She can really keep up with him and most of the time tires him out when they run together.
She is very friendly, happy and healthy. 
  Keep up the good work!!
Take care and we will give Sophie a big hug for you.

 Eileen and Mark

Thank you Eileen,  for the the gorgeous picture and update on little Sophie, she is precious!


Our Morkie puppies are nice tempered small puppies and an excellent for children. 
Our Morkies have excellent temperaments.
They are small, gentle mannered non shedding little dogs that love children.
Morkies are the beautiful puppies you get from breeding Yorkshire Terrier with  Maltese.
Morkies are also tiny hypoallergenic dogs. They are the perfect tiny dog for families with allergies.

The terms Morkie and Yorktese and Linnois puppies are interchangeable
because puppies from Yorkshire Terrier bred with Maltese have been referred to by all these names
but most commonly known as Morkies.

Linnois have more Maltese then Yorkie in the puppies.
Morkies or Yorktese or Linnois are the perfect little dog, our absolute favorite
and that is why we only breed Morkies or  Linnois by choice. 
We do not breed any Yorkies or Maltese even though we could.
We choose to breed and sell only Morkies & Linnois because they really are the best puppy you can get.


 We breed beautiful healthy Morkie dogs! Our puppies consistently get perfect vet checks,
because we care about what we breed and we only breed healthy and genetically sound puppies!
We also breed some very tiny Morkie puppies or Morkie T-Cup puppies. They are very beautiful Morkie teacups!
Teacup Morkies are really just tiny Morkies! 


The healthiest and the cutest teacup Morkies are found right here from us in Ontario!
We are just outside of Toronto. 

We are a breeder, not a broker and we have  both Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese parents.
We also breed regular size Morkies or toy Morkie puppies that can be 6-8lbs.
These puppies are preferable for families with children.

*We do not breed any other kind of dog.* Just ONE BREED ONLY!  Only Morkies!
We are 100% focused on breeding the best Morkies and nothing more!

This allows us to concentrate on giving you the best Morkie | Yorktese | Linnois puppy possible!
We breed the best, the healthiest, the prettiest & the sweetest personality Morkie puppies!
Breeding Morkie puppies is our specialty & expertise!

 We are the only breeder in Canada that breeds only Morkies and nothing more!
So why not let us be your Morkie breeder,  since Morkies are our speciality and expertise. 

Image Image

You can read  these 2 gorgeous morkies referrals here.

We only breed healthy Yorkies with healthy Maltese, so we have healthy Yorkie puppies X Maltese puppies or healthy Morkie puppies.

Here you will find the best  Morkie puppies or Yorktese puppies,
Linnois puppies and teacup Morkie puppies for sale near Toronto Canada
direct from us, an actual  Morkie breeder! Only Morkies!
(We are not a dog broker for anyone else.)
All of our puppies are puppies we have breed and raised ourselves so we can ensure the best quality.

We  have Yorkie puppies X Maltese puppies, which are Morkie puppies and TCup Morkies which are just tiny Morkies.
Morkie puppies are Yorkie Maltese cross puppies.

You can read Ellie's referrals here.




We have the Morkie/Yorktese puppy you have been looking for or will have in the near future,
so please let us know your preference and we will do our best to match you with what you have asked for
in color, size and sex.
Our Morkies have excellent temperaments and they are so beautiful and so healthy,
you will be so pleased and proud to adopt from us.

Our tiny T-Cup Morkie puppies are healthy too! Healthy Yorkie teacup puppies X Maltese puppies are available!
Yorkie TCup cross puppies with tiny Maltese. Occassionally we have gorgeous tiny Yorkie teacups with Maltese puppies available!


Occassionally we have beautiful teacup Morkie puppies for sale!

Our Morkies are healthy & gorgeous! 
Our Morkies are so lovable, so sweet. Beautiful shinny coats too.
Yorkshire Terrier X Maltese are Morkies or Yorktese.

So please, let us be your Morkie breeder where you find the puppy of your dreams!!!

Beautiful Bella is sold to Tanya and her daughter from Sudbury!


We breed our beautiful Maltese with our gorgeous Yorkshire Terriers
to give you the prettiest & healthiest Morkie puppies you have ever seen!

We have a T-Cup Yorkshire Terrier puppies X  Maltese puppies for sale on our TEACUP PAGE.


You are welcome to meet mom and dad when you meet their puppies.
Both mom and dad are very sweet and their puppies are very friendly and playful
and will make excellent pets for your family. 

Please send us an email if you are interested in one of our puppies. 

Please let us know your perference for when you are ready to take your puppy home.
Some people will have more time during the holidays and some are going away, so they prefer to pick up their puppy after in January.
We want to send your puppy home with you when he/she can be given the most attention,
so please let us know your preference so we can accomadate you best.

Please enjoy viewing some of our Morkie puppies we have had in the past
and appreciative comments from new Morkie pet owners.
A special thanks to all the families who adopted from us! We love hearing from you.
We are here to give you continued support with your new Morkie or Linnois puppy and try to do the best we can to aid.

 Dallas, little Benji and Trixie are sold!
Trixie is available

 All  siblings got a perfect vet check!

Trixie's owner says she weighs 2&1/4 lbs full grown!

Tiny Teacup Morkie female Trixie is sold. She is very loving and affectionate. Congratulations to Gladys and her family!
Heard from Gladys after Trixe was home and settled and she is very pleased with her. She says she is a lovely, behaved dog and she is so happy when she sees her son.

Heard from Gladys again, Trixie is an adult now, she only weighs 2 &1/4 lbs!! She says she is such a little sweetheart and so beautiful and everyone loves her so much!

 Benji is sold.  Perfect vet check!
Congratulaions Chenelle and her hubby! Thank-you for your beautiful note of thanks, very much appreciated!


 You are an outstanding breeder, you have worked very hard and it shows. 
You truly care, are trustworthy and we appreciate that!!! 
Your integrity and credibility are second to none!!!! We are so thankful and fortunate that we found you!!!
 Keep in touch!!! Chenelle

Yorkie teacup X Maltese puppy is sold to Chenelle & hubbyteacup morkie puppy

 Benji is so lovable and constantly wants to cuddle and be around us, he follows me everywhere!! He is VERY smart, it's unbelievable!!   
Thanks again for giving us a healthy and happy puppy!
Take care, Chenelle

This is our darling little Daisy. She is so sweet and quiet. Very tiny, Daisy is vaccinated and has a perfect vet check.
Daisy is so small, so adorable, precious baby!  She is adopted by Jennifer and family,
 She is adopted to Jennifer, husband and their daughter, from Mississauga. Congratulations, she is so precious!
So gorgeous, so sweet, quiet, cuddle temperament.

teacup morkies
Lucy and Lacy are  tiny teacup morkie. Lucy and Lacy are sold. Perfect vet checks!

What tiny little darlings!

Little Lucy & Lacy are both gorgeous black and tan or tri-color Morkie/ Yorktese female puppy.

Tiny teacup yorkie female X Maltese.
 Lucy is our pretty baby dollface yorkie puppy X Maltese.
Our little Lucy has been adopted by Janis & Denis from Windsor.
Congratulations on your little Lucy. Her face is too sweet and her coat is amazing!
You're going to love this perfect puppy!

Gorgeous Lacy, baby doll face Yorkie X Maltese is sold.

Lacy has huge bright eyes & short nose. Baby doll face.
She is a smart little girl, she has been adopted by Angela and family from Toronto. 
Two  perfect teacup morkie females.

PANDA BEAR morkie toy girl sold!  Perfect vet check!
Gorgeous Victoria, REAL STUFFED TOY is sold & going home with Bihan, husband and her son, Bora!
Victoria is too cute. Just want to hug and cuddle this baby. She is just like a little Panda Bear toy that wants to play.


Victoria is a very friendly, happy, playful temperament. She is the perfect puppy for a family.
Victoria is a parti color, Yorkie X Maltese, black/white female Morkie with a very high quality coat.Victoria will be a lot of fun!
Victoria is a very confident and content puppy.
She never cries or complains, she is very patient & extremely good natured, a real joyful puppy.
We love having her. She is very impressive, way above average.
Victoria is happy, carefree personality. Wants to be friends, very sociable and loving.
Victoria has been adopted by Bihan for her son, Bora:


 How are you doing?  And how are your lovely pups? 

She is so much fun :)) We love her very much and watching my husband caring about her so deeply makes us even happier :))

 Our vet asked about you and she was impressed with the quality and personality of Oreo. 
Ohh Bora decided on the name of Oreo like the cookie -- because of her color n sweetness :) 
Well Bora thought her to sit, lay down, to look at him and some of roll over :))
still working on roll over :) 
Whenever or whereever we take her with us everyone falls in love with her :).
Immediately she becomes the center of attention :))

Yes, You were totally right -- she has lovley cute kind and fun n funny personality :))
we are so happy to have met you and having her :)).
Thanks a lot for bringing up such a lovely pup :))


Take care n I wish you all the best for 2010 :))


Cheers Bihan

Tiny toy Female & Male Toy Morkie Yorkshire Terrier puppies X Maltese puppies are available.

Our Morkies are the absolute best!! Our puppies are consistent in perfect vet checks!!!

Because we only breed Morkies, all of our breeding efforts go into getting the best possible
Morkie/Linnois puppies we can get!
Our healthy beautiful puppies reflect our dedication and commitment to these puppies!
(Morkie, Linnois, Yorktese are all names for combinations of Maltese mixed with Yorkshire Terrier
or Yorkies.)
If you love Yorkshire Terriers, this is the only place you will be able to get a blond Yorkshire Terrier!
Please let us help you find the puppy of your dreams!!!

Morkie female, black/tan

Sweet Candy is SOLD. Congratulations to Newton & Janet! Perfect vet check!

Black/tan Morkie female

Beautiful Candy is a small black/tan female & she is a little sweetie!
Candy is SOLD.  So gorgeous!!
Candy has a very sweet personality.
She is friendly and playful and such a little darling puppy.
She is paper trained.
Candy is friendly and very sweet.
Several have commented how easy it has been to train our puppies!
This is because we have already trained them, so they are well on their way
by the time you get your puppy home!


Our puppies are also guaranteed for a life threatening genetic defect as well.
We take pride in our breeding and it shows when our puppies are vet checked!

*The vet also commented how the puppies have excellent temperaments
& that all our puppies ALWAYS do!
The vet said it is obvious the puppies are used to being handled & are very well socialized.
Little Ginger couldn't stop smiling and little Candy was giving little kisses, lol.
Our puppies come with her vet papers, health certificate, health guarantee, receipt,
 baby blanket shared by her litter and mom, her food. They also come with a puppy care package.
We give you a receipt and a health guarantee. 

Look at Little Rocky!! Morkie male will be very small, he only weighs 1lb at 8 weeks. SOLD Perfect vet check!

Little Rocky is SOLD
Little Rocky is very small & so cute too!
What a darling face on this little guy.
Rocky is friendly, playful & fun!
Congratulations to Irene and family! PERFECT VET CHECK!

( Yorkies  X Maltese puppies) which is Morkie puppies.

These are our little blonde morkie puppies.

Teacup Morkies have nicer temperaments then Teacup Yorkshire Terrier puppies because the Maltese is the sweetest natured dog.

Please tell us a little about yourselves & ask us if you are interested in a adopting a puppy from us
because we may have a puppy that is just perfect for you!
 The majority of our puppies will be suitable for families with children;
with the exception of our teeny tiny puppies.

 Sophie is SOLD

Sophie is a very sweet little darling.
You can see how she has turned out, incredibly beautiful.
Also you see her temperament, so sweet & gentle, she is amazing!
Congratulations to Mark and Eileen, proud owners of our little Sophie.


It has been a long time since we have written you and we just wanted to give you a quick update on Sophie. 
She is almost 10 months now and is 5lbs.  She is very active, loves to play and run around with Bear. 
Sophie is so smart, cute and friendly.  She has learned commands like sit and stay. 
Lots of people have asked us where we got her and commented on how pretty she is. 
We have attached a few photos of our little Sophie for you. 
Hope all is well and thanks again.  We absolutely adore our little fur baby.
Kind Regards, Mark and Eileen

Some breeders would call this teacup size** (technically no such thing as T-Cup,
just a description word to differentiate size from bigger puppies.)

Mickey is a Maltese X Yorkshire Terrier  Teacup Morkie puppy! *SOLD*

Mickey is sold to Nina & family
Morkie Mickey is sold! 3lbs.
Congratulations, Elliot, Nina and Jessica!
Mickey is sold!


Look at little Mickey! He is so cute! Mickey is a small black/tan Morkie puppy. 3lbs.
 Just want to cuddle him.
Little Morkie "Mickey", full of personality, so cute, Mickey is Yorkshire Terrier & Maltese puppy.
Mickey is sold to Nina & family. 

Since we primarily breed Morkies, we are extremely focused on this particular breed ONLY!
All our efforts go into breeding the best  Morkie you can possibly get!
We are not distracted by breeding a whole variety of other small breeds!
We are not dog breeders of many different breeds, rather, we are a "MORKIE" breeder only.

MORKIES ARE OUR EXPERTISE! Therefore our Morkies are outstanding!
Our parents are so beautiful, so no matter which puppy you get from us,
Your puppy is guaranteed to be  healthy, smart, excellent temperament and outstandingly beautiful!!

We breed sound health and all of our puppies have amazing temperaments.
Our clients are more then satisfied!

Please ask about our available puppies!
Will will be happy to assist you as best we can to help you choose the best puppy for you.
We are also happy to assist you with any questions you may have about your new puppy.
We will support you as best we can, to help you with the transition with your new puppy.

Adult black & tan female puppy below.


Beautiful Sayla!
This is one of our black and tan female puppies now as an adult.
The black and tan puppies always go lighter with age as their hair grows out because they are part Maltese.
Many thanks to her owner for this gorgeous picture.

Since we primarily breed Morkies, we are extremely focused on these particular breed &
all our efforts go into the best  Morkie you can possibly get!
We are not distracted by breeding a whole variety of other breeds!

Our focus is our Morkie puppies, which is a combination of Maltese & Yorkshire Terrier.

If you are looking for the perfect puppy, health and temperament, you have found your breeder!
(GTA) Greater Toronto Area Canadian Morkie breeder!
We usually do not have puppies ready to go home when you contact us, but 
we are willing to take a deposit for a puppy to get you your Morkie puppy as soon as possible!

   Caramel Morkie puppies turn lighter as well.

This tiny baby doll face morkie female was adopted/sold to Eric, Nicole and their son and daughter.
Congratulations, she is friendly, sweet and so pretty!

No brokers or pet stores.
You will be able to meet both of your morkie puppy's parents, mom & dad
when you meet your puppy
& buy your morkie puppy direct from us to ensure health and quality!

We never broker for other Morkie breeders, we have only our own puppies available
because we can only stand behind OUR OWN puppies.
We are very proud of our puppies and their beautiful parents & we are proud to sell them
ourselves and represent only our own puppies!

Congratulations & our sincere thank-you, to all who adopted a beautiful Morkie from us!
All our puppies are thriving, eating well, getting fatter everyday and looking so healthy,
even the little ones!

They have gone to the vet for their check-up and vaccine and they all have perfect health!
Puppies from this litter will be 3-6lbs.


These gorgeous  vanilla morkies in photos above are sold.
Little  "Cream" are kisses of chocolate!

How are the puppies doing? Awesome, so playful and full of fun now.
Everyone is doing great & so adorable and funny to watch.


Brother is very cooperative as sister gives him a bath!
Little sister was adopted by a teacher in California.
She made the trip all the way to Canada to pick her up and bring her home with her!

Please enjoy pictures from our puppies we have had in the past.
Look at the shine on Tucker's coat!!
Little Tucker is a blond or soft golden Morkie, what a little cutie, he has gorgeous eyes,
sold to Kelly, Shawn and their boys from Burlington.  Congrats!
Tucker is in his new home and happy as can be with his new family, thanks for the update Kelly!

I thought I would touch base with you and let you know what has been happening.
I took Tucker to the vet on Tuesday to get his exam that you need for his health warranty. 
I will put that in the mail tomorrow for  you.  The vet said he looks really good and has a great personality.
Not shy or too nervous like most small dogs she sees.  He is going to the bathroom outside and loves exploring our backyard.
Today he was tearing around it like something was chasing him!  It made me laugh so hard.  He makes us all laugh everyday. 
At night he sleeps really well.  He can go six hours without having to pee.  He loves to chew, chew, chew on everything!!
Especially our fingers!  He chews up the newspaper in the crate too. 
He loves to play fetch and tug-o-war and looks forward to cuddles after he is done playing.
I am teaching him to sit with treats and as of today he does it every time I coax him to.
He fits into the family so well and made the transition easily.
I am really impressed with him, and you for how well you took care of him.  It really shows!! 
Take care,

Notice the health in our puppies;  you can't hide good health!

This is one of our beautiful Morkie male puppies. He is friendly, playful and also loves to cuddle.

He has been to the vet, vaccinated, dewormed, has perfect health!


I'm bright & gorgeous because I'm so healthy!
I'm also really friendly and playful too,
I am used to being picked up and being played with by children.

 Our puppies are so loving & are perfect for families.

Maltese are non shedding, hypo allergenic and have excellent temperaments.
They are the most well mannered, gentlest dogs of all of the small dog breeds.
They especially love children making Morkies the "perfect" dog.

Just wanted to say "thank-you" and congratulations to everyone who choose to us to adopt their Maltese from us.
Everyone that bought a puppy from this gorgeous litter,
had such a hard time choosing which puppy to pick because all the puppies were so beautiful in this litter.

We are a caring family and a small private breeder of Morkie  puppies,
also known as Yorktese puppies,  Linnois puppies or Malkie puppies.
We are local to Toronto and Mississauga  GTA Ontario.
All of our puppies are beautiful and healthy!

Our Gorgeous Golden male Morkie puppy, Sold.


This stunning female toy Morkie puppy we were blessed with is so beautiful and so strong!
She was definitly a favorite! We still miss her.  :-(
She has princess eyes and she is so smart and so beautiful.

Our primary goal is to produce excellent, high quality, healthy gorgeous  puppies.
Our job does not end here. As we are personally responsible for each little life;
we always want to ensure that our puppies will be safe and are only placed into caring homes.
We enjoy meeting new people and showing them our dogs.
**We are committed to excellent relationships with our clients that adopt our puppies.
We believe that "happy" clients make for "happy" puppies and we want all of our puppies to grow into "happy" dogs.

We are very proud of our dogs and our puppies and we are pleased to give you
a wonderful dear pet that you will treasure always.

This gorgeous Morkie  is now  an adult. She weighs 6.2lbs. 

These pictures is a courtesy of her owner.  Thank-you!
Thank-you so much, she is so beautiful!
This beautiful Morkie is 6.2lbs full grown, she turned out so gorgeous! Her owner takes her for regular "express" grooming.
She has the most beautiful face,  pretty colors too. Her coat is soft and beautiful. Her tail is so full and gorgeous.
In her litter were also had other 4lbs, 5lbs and 6lbs puppies in the same litter. More pictures  are on the More pics page.

We hope you enjoy viewing our morkie puppies and reading about our
Morkies | Yorktese | Linnois puppies.
Morkies or Linnois are Maltese X Yorkshire Terrier.
( Yorkie is the slang word commonly used to refer to the Yorkshire Terrier breed.)

We breed "Morkie" or "Morkies"  or "Yorktese" or "Linnois"  or "Malkie" puppies,
all these names are what people call puppies that are a Maltese/Yorkshire Terrier combination.
These names have quickly gained popularity to refer to this mixed combination of breeding the beautiful Maltese breed
with the tiny Yorkshire Terrier breed.
When the two breeds mentioned above are combined,
beautiful puppies are created and many families are seeing and enjoying the benefits of these amazing combinations!
These little toy dogs allow for people to have an alternative choice, rather then ONLY Maltese or ONLY Yorkshire Terrier.

We did not start breeding Morkie or Yorktese puppies
because it is now popular to do so or because "morkies" are the latest trend.
Rather, we had been breeding our dogs to produce the best quality puppies we possibly could
quite a few years before this combination became popular.
Because we started breeding with the goal in mind to achieve the best combination of the 2 breeds,
we are very selective when we breed, our adults produce high quality, healthy puppies
with excellent, happy and loving temperaments, gorgeous coat textures,
very unique and beautiful color combinations.
Each one of our puppies being very unique in appearance!
Unfortunately many breeders give little thought to what they are breeding and have
only started breeding Morkies or maltipoos or yorkiepoos because they realize it is such a fast growing popularity trend.
They are not concerned about quality, rather they just want to sell a "popular" puppy.
We do not breed anything "Poo". We only breed Maltese and Yorkie puppies.

We are conveniently located very close to Mississauga and Toronto, the GTA  Greater Toronto Area Ontario Canada.


All of our dogs are very precious to us,  they are an important part of our everyday lives.
Because they mean so much to us, we go to great lengths to give our beautiful dogs the best possible care.
We are committed to their health, happiness and well-being.
We are in regular contact with our local veterinarian to ensure the best health of both our adult dogs and our puppies.
Our dogs are very content and  happy. Often we see our dogs smiling at us!
We smile back and they bring us so much joy to watch them play together.

Our goal is to give you the best puppy we possible can and we believe,
that most important, is to breed healthy puppies coupled with excellent, friendly, loving temperaments,
so you will have an endearing, best friend for life!

 Because we breed for quality, not quantity, usually we do not have puppies ready to go home yet.
We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause by not having a puppy available when you wanted one,
as we realize that most people want their puppy as soon as possible.
The best we can do for you is to take a deposit and you will be able to take your puppy home as soon as he/she is ready. This will ensure you get a puppy from us as soon as possible.

Sometimes we  lose a few customers to larger breeders who have puppies available and ready
because we seldom have puppies ready to go, but we DO NOT MASS PRODUCE to satisfy demand and sell are puppy cheaply like large breeders do.
Fewer dogs and puppies ensures optimal health and care for the adult dogs we own and for our puppies throughout the year.

Because we have fewer puppies at a time, then larger breeders, brokers, kennels and puppy mills, we handle them constantly and this gives you the best loving puppy possible!

We breed  healthy, gorgeous morkie puppies | linnois puppies. 

When you visit our puppies you can also meet your puppies parents, both mom and dad!

Our puppies are always very beautiful.
We can accept a deposit for a Morkie puppy if you choose,
the deposit is 1/2 of the total of the puppy.
Deposits are taken on a first come first pick bases and are non-refundable of course.

Small white morkie is sold

Morkie colors and sizes are only estimations and cannot be totally accurate as the dog is only a puppy! 
We do the best we can to describe the puppies we have available, temperament, size and color.
Sometimes our puppies are smaller then we guessed they would be and sometimes they are bigger.
But all our puppies are very lovely and healthy and beautiful.
We cannot guarantee the type of coat, ears, color or size your puppy will be.
Some puppies take after the Maltese and have thicker coats and some have thinner coats like the Yorkshire Terrier dog has.
Some puppies ears will flop like the Maltese dog does and some puppies will perk as the Yorkie dogs do.
We breed very lovable, healthy  Morkie dogs!

When we have beautiful morkie puppies they are these colors combinations:
1.white morkies (always have tan or golden ears) but they are mostly white in appearance. Most rare color.
2. white and gold morkies or white and tan morkies
3.  white and  black  morkies
4. white & black & gold
5. black and tan morkies(the tan usually changes to white with maturity from the Maltese genetics).
6. black morkies
7. Blond morkies, these are rare.
& similar combinations of these colors, a puppy that looks black and tan at birth can change to black and white later,
as shown in an example of one of our adult morkies, her picture sent courtesy of her owner.

It is rare to have a Morkie that is all white or blond because the black and gold are so dominant from the Yorkshire Terrier.

 Small white morkie is sold

We usually do not have "puppies ready to go" the day you visit. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
We are a small family hobby breeder in the Greater Toronto Area. GTA Ontario, Canada.

 Below are pictures of our Morkie puppies from previous litter, all of these are now sold.

Halladay, Bailey, Happy, Cleopatra and Snow-white have all gone to the vet for their exam
and 1st vaccine and they have all checked out with perfect health!


Bailey  (SOLD ) 

white linnoiswhite morkie

This  Morkie or Linnois ( Yorkshire Terrier | Maltese)  puppy will be very very shinny,
the soft gold will glisten in his coat.
He is like a white Yorkshire Terrier with his shinny coat.

 Congratulations to both Cooper and Gucci's new families,
Both puppies are home and very happy!

Imageblack and white morkie

Gucci is very sharp, playful and a lot of fun! But he likes to cuddle too.


Cooper is a white and black morkie puppy or black and white morkie.
What a sweet Cooper is, he has the sweetest smile, he is a quiet and very cuddly, calm, obedient. He likes to play as well.

Our puppies are happy!!
Our puppies are friendly, playful and healthy!!

If you would like to see more pictures of Cooper and Gucci
and their siblings from a previous litter they are on the Tiny Toys page.

Please enjoy the pictures of our puppies below, these are all sold now.

If you are wanting a Morkie puppy from us & we don't have any available when you contact us,
we can always accept a deposit for an upcoming  litter. 


Halladay above is an exceptionally adorable puppy! Definitely a favorite!
He is friendly, playful, gentle and very easy going, he is a live stuffed toy!

He is so cute and very unique , a male Morkie puppy that resembles a little Koala Bear.
 He looks  like  a stuffed toy to us!

 He is our little snugly Koala bear.
He is our very gorgeous easy-going puppy.
We love his personality, he is so relaxed,

He makes me laugh he is so cute to watch.

 Halladay above is SOLD)
Congratulations to his mom and dad, they are a great couple
& I was very pleased to give them my special Halladay.


Goodbye little Halladay! I'll miss how cute you were,
I have never had a puppy that looked like a stuffed toy like Halladay,
I loved how I could snuggle him.
Halladay is  (SOLD)  
Congratulations to his parents, a really nice couple, who wrote us:

Halladay has been re-named, he is now Dexter! He is doing really well;
we are so pleased! The potty training is coming along slowly but surely.
He sleeps really well at night and only wakes us up
with a little whimpering about twice a night when he need to go to the bathroom.
He is so friendly and everyone who's met him says he is the sweetest puppy
they have ever seen!


Our sweet easy-going "Halladay" AKA "Dexter" is home and settled.


Our gorgeous exotic Cleopatra, so pretty!
 What a beauty!!!
There are more pictures of her on the Toys page.
Our Cleopatra female morkie puppy is the most beautiful puppy that has these markings.
She is mostly white with just a little bit of black,
she looks like she has mascara on her eye like an Egyptian queen.
She is outstandingly beautiful!!

Cleopatra is SOLD
Our very sweet, lovely Cleopatra has found a wonderful home
with 3 beautiful girls to play with her! We are so happy for her and them!
Congratulations to her lovely new family and the 3 beautiful girls that she will play with.
They are very gentle and careful with her even though they are quite young,
they love their little Cleopatra, it was so sweet to watch them meet for the first time,
mom instructed the youngest little girl that even though she loves to share,
she must not ever share her chocolate cake with Cleopatra so she doesn't get hurt, it was so precious.

Little Cleopatra is home now with her new family, we have just heard this update from her family, we would like
to share it with you.

Cleopatra is the best puppy by far. She is such a joy, and we all love her, me especially.
I have taken to bringing her to my office where she happily plays and sleeps depending on her mood.
I feel so lucky that she is now part of our family.
Talk soon

Our Linnois / Morkie puppies are below.
Small & so sweet "Snow-white" with short little, pretty, tiny nose
and soft golden ears.


Sometimes we  white puppies in the litter, they are rare because the black and gold are so dominant.
Her coat is exceptional quality, will not matt easily,
will be easy to comb and should shine as an adult.
She is quiet and has a wonderful sweetness.
She is such a little darling puppy!

Here is one of our morkiepuppy that is very soft gold. He is extremely beautiful!
His eyes are the most beautiful green against his gorgeous soft golden coat,
he is very handsome. We called him Bailey.


"Good-Bye My very beautiful Bailey, we'll miss you sweetheart!"
This little guy holds his head up with pride, he is extremely intelligent.
He also likes to burrow his way into my arm and stay there until he falls asleep.

Congratulations to Bailey's  proud mommy who sent these emails to us: Please read them on the Referral Page.


Our puppies stay with mom right up until they are old enough to go home with you,
so their training continues to give you a more stable puppy.

More Pictures of our morkie puppies and our tiny toy morkie puppies are on the Toys page.
Our site is updated almost daily and current pictures are taken of our morkiepuppies and  extra tiny morkie puppies.

We will accept deposits for the Linnois/Morkie puppy of your choice, all the morkie puppies are gorgeous!!
Our morkie puppies will be very beautiful puppies, as babies they look fluffy,
but when they mature some will have the most beautiful shinny coats, that glisten like white and blond!
Some are the regular coat, but all have a beautiful coat.
I have pictures of our morkie puppies posted from a previous litter on the Toys page.

6lbs and full grown.
One of our white and gold adult Morkie puppies full grown is 6lbs and absolutly gorgeous!
Thank-you for the gorgeous picture Michelle! Quote from Michelle, his owner:
"He's so wonderful and affectionate. Theo and I couldn't have been blessed with a better furry friend."
Thank-you Michelle! He looks so adorable!

If a party is selling you a puppy without parents, THIS INCLUDES ALL PET STORES & "DOG BROKERS" or "DOG FLIPPERS".

BEWARE!!!            BEWARE!!!             BEWARE!!!          BEWARE!!!                BEWARE!!! 
Please, we urge you to take a few extra minutes to read our Puppy Mills page as to why never to buy a dog from these parties.    It is imperative that you educate yourself on these matters before you invest in a puppy that is supposed to spend many years to come with you and your loved ones.

   See the difference with our morkie puppies. Our Morkies are gorgeous because they are healthy!   

This picture is of one of our white and black adult Morkies now, grown now as an adult,
he still looks like a little stuffed toy!
The cute picture is a courtesy of his owner, thank-you Rachelle for such an adorable picture of him!
She comments that he is a wonderful dog, with a very good temperament, very friendly and behaved.
Thank-you for the awesome pictures, what a cutie, he will look like a puppy for life!

Regardless of the sex, color or size of your puppy that you get from us,
he/she will be healthy, beautiful & raised with lots of care and love.

Puppies will be picked in order of deposits received. All deposits are non-refundable.

When you choose your Morkie puppy from us,  you will be able to have a healthy, attractive pet that will enrich your life!


Black morkies are very rare.

My puppies are happy because they are healthy and raised with love!


My happy, little lauging Morkie puppies!

I took Toby to a puppy picnic on Sunday afternoon...
He won first prize in one of the contests....
Lots of dogs there all sizes and he came first in the race across the field to get to his master first
and of course that was me....
Bob held him on one side of the field and I called him and out of all the dogs
he was the first one to reach his master (ME)  and there were big dogs also....
He was a star throughout the afternoon....
He met up with all kinds of dogs and people....
I was so proud of him...

We have regular size and tiny toy Morkies available! 

Contact Us

Available Morkie puppies  Tiny Toys & Toys all available here.  (See Pictures  here of available puppies.)


Our Teacup Morkie puppies
Toxic to my Morkie (dog).

Micro-chip my Morkie?


Why shouldn't I buy a puppy from a Pet store or a "dog broker".

Doggy Fun with Morkies.ca!

Share Some Laughs with Morkies.ca!

Why Men are Never Depressed

 Lisa had her beloved rare white Powder Puff Chinese crested dog, "Kizmit" stolen from her.
She has no children and she was like a child to her, she has done everything she can to recover her and has been unable to find her.
Please take the time to check the link below with her description of her stolen dog, Thanks!

***We are not a pet store or a dog broker.***  We are the breeder! ***

All of our precious Morkie puppies are our own. We do not repurchase any puppies from other breeders and resell them.

At morkies.ca we would never even contemplate the idea of having someone else re-sell our puppies
as we want them to stay in a loving caring and the safest environment which is our home until the day,
you bring your new puppy to your home.

Our puppies also have wonderful personalities and excellent temperaments.

We recognize how nutrition is a key factor in proper growth and development
as this  sets her foundation for future health of your puppy.

Owning both of our parents ensures us proper care over them all the time
and eliminates any surprises that come to people who bought puppies from a breeder that only owned mom,
as these people obviously are not serious breeders & try to pay the cheapest stud fee possible because it is extra work to own their own stud.
All they really care about is their female having puppies to sell, NOT QUALITY. These puppies come with many unpleasant "surprises".

At morkies.ca we care deeply about the health of both our parents and our puppies and their futures.

 Because we OWN BOTH of your puppies parents, mom and dad,
we KNOW we are giving you the highest quality morkie puppies possible!
In return we can pass that health and quality down to your puppy so you have a puppy with a healthy, happy and long future.

  You are welcome into our home with your family where you can meet our puppies when they are old enough,
along with both beautiful parents!!
 Our puppies stay with mom until they are a proper and safe age to be released.
Your puppy will be with mom to learn life-long good habits he will need when he is separated,
 right up until you come to bring your puppy home with you.
Our puppies are handled daily and several times a day by our family so they are used to being cuddled and held.
No puppy is ever released unless he/she is ready to go home.
Every puppy has been examined by a veterinarian, has been dewormed several times, has up-to-date vaccines and a health certificate.

 We do not include any Microchip added to your new puppy.
See Microchip page to answer any questions you may have about microchips.

All of our puppies are home raised in our loving home with both of their parents.
Our home is also a smoke-free and clean, loving environment.
We  sell ONLY our OWN puppies and we NEVER resell puppies for other breeders.
We know what we are breeding and confidently stand behind our high quality puppies!

We are located just North/West of Toronto with easy 407 and 401 access.
We are in the Greater Toronto Area ( G.T.A ) Ontario Canada
We are central to most locations, including Burlington, Milton, Oakville, Brampton, Mississauga, Woodbridge and Toronto!
Please send us an email and we will be happy to give you directions.

If you are looking for a Maltese | Yorkie puppy and you live in Toronto, Mississaga, Brampton, Oakville, Milton, Burlington, we are very close to you.
Kitchener or  Markham is an easy 401 drive. We are located very central, so no one is very far.
If you are not in the area, that is fine too, you can still adopt a Morkie puppie from us.
Several of our clients live farther away, Ottawa, Montreal, Sudbury, Windsor and even farther!
Clients that are from British Columbia or Alberta must fly in to take their puppy home with them because we do not ship
our puppies by themselves. Many have done this with success. 

These are adult morkies, pictures sent in from our clients.

Our puppies are the cutest morkies!


Oh, Bella, you're too cute too be real. You're like a little toy!
Beautiful Bella is sold to Tanya from Sudbury.

Sent from Jackie from Ottawa:

Thank you for caring.... Toby and I will be walking a lot soon in the Park... The beautiful big park....
He loves it there...He understands quite a few words now... 
It is amazing how smart he is, just like a two year old learning words.. pretty soon he will be talking... hahahaha....
I'll tell him to go wake up Bob and he goes.... I'll tell him to look at something and he will look...
If I dare mention WALK he is all happy bright eyed and bushy tailed....He knows lots of things....
Funny how they learn words... I betcha he knows at least 10 words now...or more....
 Take care!

Get in the bag Toby!
And he's in!
Toby loves children!

Our puppies are very smart and often graduate at the top of the class
when their owners bring them to puppy class.

We could not be more proud of our puppies and their parents and we are so priviledged to breed these precious, little dogs. 

We are very grateful to all of the loving families that have chosen to adopt their puppy from us.
These families love our puppies with all their hearts and take the best care of them and provide excellent homes for them and our puppies have enriched their lives and made their families complete!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!
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