This page is dedicated to express a very special thank you to all of our wonderful, grateful, kind, caring families who are our clients that decided to chose us to adopt their morkie puppy from us and lovingly continue to care for their puppies!

We are the breeder of your puppy and we have mom and dad on site!
The puppies look just like mom or dad just as children look like their parents!

We are very grateful that we have met so many wonderful, happy, loving families over the years to adopt our puppies!

This is Mogul Morkie white and black adult female with Avery from Calgary, Alberta.

Her mom, Marci writes, Mogul is so much fun and so is Avery our 10 year old middle daughter, both have spunky personalities!


Little Bindi, white morkie lives in Prince Edward Island with her family Vivek and Stephanie Sood and their daughters Riley and Jaya.


Jaya and Bindi morkie female from Prince Edward Island.


 (Morkie Adult photo)


I hope you are doing well. I wanted to send you an update on Lola and how she looks today. We had her portrait taken when we went to the Dog Tales Sanctuary one day for an open house.

 She is an amazing dog!! Love her to pieces.

 Thank you again!! We love her!!!




Olly is adopted by Joelle, (vet tech), husband Doug Clark, (ITG's financial Guru), boys Matthew & Nicolas from New Market.


Joelle writes:

"I have a puppy from He is a gorgeous little Morkie named Olly and we got him almost a year ago.
He has been the joy of our lives! I have 2 boys 8 and 10 and they absolutely adore him and its mutual!
This little guy is the sweetest, smartest, funniest and the cutest pup. We can't wait to get a little sister for him next year. 
This breeder is the most caring, conscientious, loving breeder we have ever met. She adores  each one of her puppies and is so careful to make sure they are the perfect fit  for each family they go to.
She loves them like nobody I've ever seen and it shows in the pups.
They have sweet temperaments and are the perfect addition for any family. If you're considering getting a puppy, the best decision you can make is to go with a pup from her. As a mom, her pups will be perfect for your family. Trust me, trust her."

Joelle Clark, New Market.







Snoopy and Little Wolf are sold to Eugene, owner of Ottawa Senators,  Olivia and Anna from Barbados.

Snoopy and Little Wolf are sold to Eugene, Olivia and Anna from Barbados. Eugene is proud owner of Ottawa Senators hockey team!

Anthony and Kimberly adopted a sweet little female!


Anthony and Kimberly from Toronto, On.

Good morning, she is doing great! She adjusted very well and is doing great. THANK YOU we love her!! Anthony



 Gigi, Nella & John-Paul white morkie female.



 Hope all is well with you and yours! Just wanted to let you know how much Gigi has impacted our lives...she has been a blessing not only for our family, but also for my elderly parents who look forward to her weekly visits... her wonderful disposition and lovable character has brought much happiness and joy to our lives. Her presence has been very therapeutic and beneficial to their health and wellbeing. They enjoy holding her, feeding her, playing games and taking her for walks. She is comfortable enough now to fall asleep at their feet after a few hours of play:) She has been to Dogs at Camp in Uxbridge and K9 Central in Bowmanville to socialize and is with us weekly at the cottage. She has had a great dog year! Gigi is a healthy, happy energetic companion and we are so thankful for your patience and guidance. Your availability to share your perspective and extensive Morkie/dog experience along the way is very reassuring. It means so much to us as new dog parents to know that we have access to this kind of support.
Wishing you all the best as you continue to provide a quality experience to all the families you serve across the country!
Kindess regards,
Nella & John-Paul Dunn (Oshawa)





Nancy with Thor





I fell in love with “little bobby” (renamed Thor) when I saw his adorable face on the website.  He has been a joy from day 1. He is so smart, affectionate and lovable.  Whenever we take him anywhere, we are stopped by  people who are stunned by how beautiful, gentle and calm he is.  We take him with us everywhere, including the nursing home where my mother in law resides and he is the star attraction for the entire floor.  All of the residence and staff look forward to seeing him every week.  Whoever asks about Thor…my answer is always visit

Thor is such an amazing companion and has changed my life. I am constantly smiling and laughing from the time I wake to the time I go to sleep. All that know me has noticed how incredibly happy I am since he’s been a part of my life.  We have offers from both family and friends to dog sit whenever required.  He is such a joy and we owe it all to this breeder and the incredible work she does in creating these amazing puppies.




Nancy F  











  Written by Mike:

I felt like I should write this letter as I was somewhat against my wife purchasing this dog.  Having owned only larger sporting breeds for over forty five years I was under this mistaken impression that a toy breed would be yappy, difficult to train and prone to any number of horrible genetic issues.


     Thor aka ‘little bobby’ has been an exceptionally pleasant surprise from the first day we picked him up. He is a quiet little gentleman who has completely captured our hearts.  He took to his training as quickly as my German short haired pointer and was house broken and learned ‘come’, ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ with relative ease.  My wife is currently teaching him to roll over and howl.... yes howl !  It is by far the funniest thing I’ve seen any of our dogs do and fills our day with laughter.  He is fit and healthy and plays well with children and every dog we’ve encountered.  At just over five pounds he is as comfortable in our arms as he is running through fields near our home.  He has a great temperament and is of exceptional intelligence which I can only assume is through breeding.  I wholeheartedly recommend this breeder should anyone be looking for a small dog.




 Nancy with Thor at the nursing home.











From Eve from Toronto, 3 of my morkies, one 14 years of age, one 11 years of age and one puppy, writes this heart felt letter of appreciation:
Deciding on your next 4 legged friend is a very important decision to make. There  are so many tomes when I am thankful for having one of Naomi's  dogs that I thought I would write a about it with the hopes that it helps bring clarity to your decision making.
"My story begins at a family dinner with my cousin telling everyone at the table how he and his wife came to purchasing their dog from who they thought was a reputable breeder. They researched the breeder who seemed legitimate and very nice on the phone.
Everything was fine until about a year later, they had some questions as the dog started to have digestive problems. First the breeder returned his calls, but denied any responsibility. They actually and luckily had insurance for their dog and were only wanting advice and support. They were not accusing the breeder in any way.
They loved their dog and realized that anything could have happened, they just wanted someone to talk to and help generate ideas.
Their dog continued to have difficulties and eventually was finally diagnosed with Lupus. Even the $10 000 vet bill wasn't their concern, (again, they had insurance.) They just wanted care and support at a time with they really needed it.

My cousin's story taught me several things. First to think about things that weren't as obvious, lite the support you many sometimes need if you have questions or run into difficulty. The second is the impact the amount of care given by a breeder up to the point when you pick up your puppy cant be understated.

Naomi has been breeding morkies for many years. Her knowledge is a wonderful resource when you need it.
She herself has intense knowledge in health and solving problems! She has extensive knowledge on ways to heal successfully.
When my morkie from Naomi, enjoyed a healthy active life with no health issues. Only, at the ripe age of 14years, (98 years old in human), she started to seizure, (brain tumor, my dog already being 14),  I contacted Naomi who immediately started to teach me things I could do to help. Naomi saw I was eager to learn, so she spent hours talking and texting with me. I saw a neurologist who estimated my dog would have 2 months, but with Naomi's help, I am at 6 months and am so grateful for Naomi's advice and commitment to helping.

When I contacted Naomi, my Annie was laying on the couch all day and couldn't go on a walk any longer.
It wasn't long that working together we had her off the couch, going on short little walks and even wagging her tail,
improving her last days drastically!

I am so grateful for Naomi's advice and commitment to helping me with her. I was so impressed with the time and care she pout into helping me that it made me write this so people could understand more about the amount of effort Naomi puts into her dogs.
It should be noted that she spends her days diligently looking after and preparing  her puppies as best as anyone could for their forever homes.

Naomi truly wants what's best for her puppies!
Buying a cheaper puppy who is not nearly as strong and healthy may lead to far greater expense later on in your puppies life!

I have peace of mind knowing I am getting a healthy, well cared for puppy by choosing her for my breeder.

Ive learned that pretty much anyone can be a breeder, but they don't put the same care into your puppy as Naomi does.
They don't have her knowledge which is paramount for giving your puppy a healthy start in life.
They certainly do not have the impressive years of experience Naomi has so when something goes wrong, (accidents and sickness can happen), she is available for meaningful advice, when you need it the most.
All of this leads to Naomi being an outstanding full time breeder who dedicates herself to giving your puppy every chance to becoming an exceptionally strong and healthy member of your family.


Eve's Annie

Sweet Annie, 14 years of age, (98 people age).


 Little Ricki:





Ricki is such a masterpiece. He is so cute and lovable. My neighbours are in love with him. One bought him a sweater and a coat. My next door neighbour has offered to babysit anytime. Other neighbor brought him puppy steps.  He sleeps in his bed at night and does potty on the pad in the laundry room, even in the evening. But he shows me when I wake up. He wants his treat for his potty on the pad in the laundry room. He deserves it!!! He really worked hard for his treat!  LoL


Kibo has been adopted by Nurisha and Yuvraj from Toronto, On.



Hi Naomi,
I hope you and your family are doing well.
I wanted to send a quick note to let you know the profound difference you have made in our lives! You are the ultimate dog encyclopedia. You know everything there is to know about raising the healthiest of pups and your expertise and knowledge has provides  my family and I with the foundation of raising our wonderful little Kibo.
Kibo has the sweetest temperament I have ever witnessed in a dog. He is gentle, playful, empathetic and SMART. Everywhere I go, people ask me if he is a real dog or a toy...he is just THAT beautiful. The bond that I have with him has become my life support and I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done to help me with him.

For starters, you are available ALL the time for all my questions. I've had two other dogs before, yet none of the breeders have been anything like you....we usually just pick up the dog and it is like hasta la vista! Never speak or hear from them again.

However, you have changed my entire perspective, you care so much about your puppies even after they go to their new homes. Whenever I have a question it is so amazing that I can just send you a quick note and that you are available to help me no matter the  day or the time.

The best part about you, is that you are HONEST. You tell me how it is, since day one when we were picking which pup to adopt; you were straight up about weight, color, etc. We knew exactly what we were getting the day we picked Kibo up and he has precisely metal the expectations you said he would.

Overall, all dogs should be bred by you Naomi....QUALITY, QUALITY, QUALITY...I cannot emphasize it enough.
You honestly have the most beautiful puppies and based on the attention Kibo receives, majority of the public also agrees!!!
(Even after he is almost full grown!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Nurisha



 Lucy is sold to Tom and Sue From Wassaga Beach, Ontario. With their granddaughter!



Good morning,

Good morning, I wanted to drop you a line to let you know how Lucy is doing. In short...She's amazing.
I don't know where to begin. She's bright, inquisitive and very smart. She goes on the piddle pads and has done from the moment we got her. She has attached herself to Sue and I and follows everywhere we go.
She is so much fun to watch, When she runs her beautiful coat flows and bounces in a lovely rhythmic wave and her expressions are a mixture of ..Wow, I'm having fun; What can is discover next?" and "Look at me, I'm wild and free!"
Its quite funny watching her give the fire hydrant a wide girth-she not too sure about that thing!
She has a wonderful appetite and has been eating very well. She certainly has made an impression with the grandkids.
Hannah, our youngest corrected me when I asked her if she was cute, "She's not cute Grandpa, she's cutillicious", which I'm assuming is way better than cute.
, thank you so much for doing such a fine job with Lucy prior to us picking her up. We just love her! She's everything and more than we could have expected. We'll keep in touch so you can see how she develops as she grows.
Cheers, Sue and Tom.




Hanalle, founder of Manhattan and Forbes from Toronto has adopted 2 morkies from us and 1 Maltese!

 Hanalle with her little Maltese!

Patricia with Tiffany, gorgeous black, grey, white and tan morkie female.


Little Tiffany is curious, affectionate and has so much energy. Loves when I play the violin. Hope all is well with you. Thanks for breeding such a good dog. Patricia.

Our gorgeous "Bandit" with his family, Mitch and Lexi and their son Lawson and daughter Maddy from Oakville, On.

Bandit is a stunning black and tan male with white socks. Very handsome morkie, his colors will stay dark. His hair is gorgeous.


(Morkie Adult photo)


 Hope you are doing well. Here is a picture of Tash at one. Isn't she the cutest!  Janet and Nicole 



Jonathan and Lynne from Brockville, Ontario have adopted our Sammy.




We love hearing how your morkie is doing by way of all your emails that we receive from time to time.
And we appreciate the pictures sent in.



This is Cody,

Cody is adopted by Ron from ThunderBay, ON
His granddaughter Emily, has Oliver. Ron loves Oliver so much, he got his own morkie!
Oliver and Cody are brothers, they are a year apart.



A special thanks to all the wonderful, loving, caring families that chose to adopt their morkie puppy from us!
And a special thank you for referring your family and friends to us!

Our available puppies are on the AVAILABLE PAGE.

Please take time to read the many notes of appreciation as it was so thoughtful
and kind of our customers to take time to write a note of thanks or updates
so we know how our puppies are doing.


 Ken and Deborah from Toronto have adopted little Quincy.



Gorgeous Bindi (black & tan morkie adult) and Pete are sold to Lorraine from Nunavut, Canada. Bindi is a black and tan morkie adult and Pete is a white and black morkie male.


Gizele's "Emma" black and tan morkie female.


Leia, white and black morkie is sold to Tim and Sue from Vancouver, BC.


(Morkie adult photo)

Leia Morkie white and black morkie,  has been adopted by Tim and Sue and their daughter, Tera and their son, Eric from Vancouver, BC.

Hi, Leia is doing fantastic. She is so smart and very loving.
She has fit into our family so well. She loves Vancouver, in particular chasing the birds and butterflies in our backyard..... 
.....not only our family thinks she's the cutest dog on the planet, but pretty much every other person who she meets thinks the same thing. She's a wonderful pup. So smart on top too.
Thanks again, Tim.


Eric and Tera with Leia.


Eric and Tera with Leia morkie adult.


 Dora lives in Calgary with Amy and her husband and her best friend Chi Chi, a Shih Tuz.


(Morkie adult photo)

Love love love her! So happy she's ours! xxoo Amy


 Introducing our little Mia! Tiny black & tan morkie female, sold to Pam and Paul from Kitchener, On


Here are photos of our darling Mia.  She has settled in really well. 
She has lots of energy and eats well.    We all just love her.   Here is our new little sweetheart.


Paul and Pam going home with little smiling Mia!


Pam at home with Mia and the grand children, Ava, Liam, Lyla and Jayden.

Mia meets Pam and Paul's family!


Ava and Mia

Mia with Pam's grandson, Jayden.

Pam's daughter, Joanna with Mia.

Mia with Pam's daughter, Joanna.

Pam at home with little Mia Morkie, Pam has an 9 year old dog already.

 Subject: Mia at home with her adoptive mom Pam and her older dog.
Thanks for sending all the precious pictures Pam! They are so beautiful!


(Morkie adult photo, black and tan). White dog is a different breed.

 Mia Morkie female, with her friend, Mia is an adult now.



Our darling Mia is getting bigger.  She and Buddy are good friends.   
She is so cute, good and energetic!!





 Gail with Tiki




Gail and Tiki.

 I took Tiki to our Vet today and received high approval, in fact they want to put your info on their web site to suggest people contact you for a ‘healthy’ Morkie.  Thank you again for such a wonderful dog. 

Just thought I would let you know that Gigi, my other dog, is adjusting well and plays with her constantly during the day.  They have had their moments where Gigi has laid done the law, but that is to be expected.  Each morning they have a play session that is a joy to behold.  I just love watching them.


Little Lola! Teacup black and tan morkie female adult.


(Morkie adult photo)

Hi, She is beautiful!!! She is 2.6lbs. People stop me everywhere cause they just love her face!! She is tiny but she eats, she isn't shy about eating! So glad you recommended her for me - just love her to bits! Carey.




Mac Gyver, black and tan teacup morkie male adult.



(Morkie adult photo)

Hi ....
a cool picture with his sun glasses on (managed to catch a picture in the two seconds he allowed the glasses).He is doing wonderfully.  Passed his training with flying color's and adding a lot of joy to our lives.

 Take care. Paulette



Introducing Tucker!

Tucker has 1 sister and 2 brothers and one sister available;

Tucker is a rare golden morkie, adopted to Amanda. Tucker is a year old now.
Wow! what a little cutie!

 (Gold Morkie adult photo)



Tucker is doing awesome, completely trained since 6 months, sleeps all night no accidents. So smart and very friendly. He gets along with all dogs and people too especially kids. His hair to me is what makes your breeds unique, his coat is so thick and soft and yet never tangles.

His hair is like a stuffed animals, no one can believe how thick and soft it is!!

His is the light of my days!!
Take care,  Amanda

Tucker has brothers born August 13, 2013!

Please CONTACT US to adopt one of Tucker's brothers!


Bugsy, black and tan morkie, as an adult, sold to Jeoff and Paula and their children.

 (Black and tan Morkie adult photo)


We just wanted to say hello and show you how well Bugsy is doing. He is the third child we always wanted. Bugsy showers us with constant love and attention. We adore him so much. He is 2.8 pounds now at 5 months of age. As you can see he loves the camera.


The Seigel's



Introducing Moose: Black and tan morkie

(Morkie adult photo)

Moose is a cutie! One of our black and tan puppies, thank you so much for sending in a picture!
Proud owners are Jen and Roman from Toronto.


Hi, hope you are doing well!  Moose is doing really well, healthy happy and so smart, we love him TONS!! He is 3.8 pounds now. We walk him several times each day....He is so social! Loves to meet everyone and other dogs. He pees and poops outside, knows how to sit, stay, come and doesn't cry at night or if we crate him during the day to run errands. We could not be happier with him and are so thankful you did such an amazing job bringing him up!! Thank you again!!

Jen and Roman :)


Snow White, tiny rare, white gorgeous Morkie female!

Snow White's family, Bob and Isolina are from Etobicoke, ON
(SnowWhite is renamed "Penny")
She is so great.  Smart, affectionate...crazy like a puppy (playful). 
She’s got the routine down.. sleeping through the night...  doing her business on the pee pads.   
What can I say,  she’s an important part of the family and can’t imagine not having her. 
Let’s stay in touch.  

Take care, Isolina 

 This is Millie's Family; Adriana and Darina.     Adriana with Millie, (3 months old, 1/2 grown).
Millie is adopted to Adriana and Darina from Toronto, On.
Millie will keep Adriana company in University.

Hi, it was lovely meeting you as well. Millie is settling in very well. She has a very sweet personality and everyone loves her.
We are really glad we hired a trainer because she is really smart and following instructions very well.
You definitely bred a very sweet doggy. Thanks for the pictures which Adriana will put in her album. Darina

 Little Pete AKA "Bugsy"
Little Pete AKA has been adopted by Jeoff and Paula from Toronto, ON.

Chester has been adopted by Denise and her daughter Freddie from Toronto.

This is Daisy and Mardi, Daisy is kissing Mardi.
 Marty is adopted by Lori from Calgary Alberta
and Daisy is going home with her daughter,
who lives in California, US. 

Hi !

I just wanted to drop you a little note to let you know how Rosie and Marty are doing!  Rosie is now living the life in San Diego and is having a great time..... Shannon and Sean are so in love with her she wants for nothing, of course.  Marty is in Calgary living with Nicole and I and Nicole loves her Marty so much.  Both dogs are so cute and weighed in at 5.7 pounds a month ago when they got spayed/neutered which they both breezed through.  Marty is a bit taller than Rosie but is long and lanky and his tail looks like a feather duster where as Rosie's tail is curled right up.  I wanted to send you a photo of both of them but it's so hard to get a good shot together, but they are so cute and we love them sooo much.
Hope all is well with you and I'm sure you have been busy during the summer with puppies.  Thank you!!



Hi !  Here is a pic of Marty. He is so cute and fun. Lori



Marty, adult Black and tan Morkie. Adult photo.



   Zoya, gorgeous Morkie female!
Zoya's new parents, Josephine and her husband are from Toronto, On.

Rowdy, gorgeous Morkie male!
Rowdy's new mom, Jamie is from St. Katherines, On.

Hi !

It was a real pleasure meeting you yesterday.  Thank you very much for all your help.

Rowdy got a little car sick on the way home and was a little anxious when we first got home
but soon relaxed and I got to see that playful personality you were telling me about! 
He was eating and drinking no problem and even eliminated on the paper right away.
We both got good sleeps last night, so I am very happy. 
My friend Jen even said she was impressed at how calm Rowdy was.
All the best,


Bugsy, gorgeous white morkie has been adopted to Corina and her family. 

Adult photo

Kisses from my little boy, Bugsy!

Spencer, gorgeous rare white Morkie male!
Spencer's new family, April, Glenn and sons; Conner (holding Spencer) and Eric
are from New Market, ON. 
April and Amanda, (has Tucker) are sisters.

Mike and Bev taking little Jacob home to Stoney Creek, Ontario.






Hello there,


Thought I would pop you a note to say and show you how well Maizy is doing at this time.
 She and I are best friends.
My friends marvel at how well behaved and cute she is. She was 4 years old I figure on the 29th and doing great. Have a good long weekend and many thanks for your patience with me at first and for selling her to me.

Marilynne Pruesse and Maizy



 Thank you Marilyn for her picture, she is so beautiful, gorgeous dark brown eyes, she looks like a little lady!
Was a pleasure! She has a great home, you can tell she is intelligent and happy. Very well loved! Thanks for sharing her with us on her special day!


Teacup female morkie is sold.

Mickey is a small black/tan morkie, estimated to be 5lbs.
Gorgeous Mickey morkie has found a home with Joe, Nini and their children, Lukas and Kira from Niagara Falls.

Introducing little Rocky: SOLD
Rocky is a small, handsome black/tan morkie male, estimated adult weight is 5-6lbs.
Rocky is SOLD
Rocky is a very handsome little morkie!
He is friendly, but has a quieter personality. Little Rocky is ready for October.
Little Rocky is for sale, $2000 Deposit $1000
Little Rocky is sold to Sam and Christine and is for their daughter, Priya! They are from Toronto.

Tucker: our gorgeous gold morkie!
Tucker has found a home with Ryan, Amanda and their nephew Tristan from Tillsonburg, On.

 Oliver is one of our gorgeous morkies!

Look how handsome our baby Oliver is!!!  Our forever "baby"!! 



Adult photo
Oliver belongs to Deborah and family and her gorgeous daughter Alison is in the picture.

This is Cathey and Ken's  Teaka, (formerly Tiffany) with Jewel, both our puppies, at home with their granddaughter Logan.

 the puppy is awesome everything is great. We decided she is a little jewel so the name fit.
Teaka, (Tiffany) is doing really well with her they are becoming great buddies.
Teaka took a few days to get use to her but all is good now.
Jewel follows Teaka everywhere,Teaka is the one in charge but Jewel is not backing down from trying to be in charge.
So far she is very affectionate and very confident not scared of  anything in fact  she is sometimes  braver than Teaka .
Thanks  again for another wonderful puppy you have again done a great job.
Thanks again. They are both so good with her and any children they are around.
P. S. right now Jewel is hitting her water bowl since it is empty,she let's me know when she wants something.
Bye for now.
Cathey, Ken, Teaka and Jewel and the girls.

They both are so good with her and any children they are around.
Take care, I will keep in touch with more pictures. Bye for now.

All the morkies are sold on this page.
We have available puppies listed on the AVAILABLE page.

Charlie: SOLD!

Charles is SOLD. We have gorgeous black and white pups right now!

Charles has found a home in Toronto with Dave, Christine and their daughters, Emma and Sadie!



Thank you so much for all the time you spent with us and for beautiful Charles! 
We have decided to name him "Cooper", he is doing so well (since you prepared us so well!). 
He had a great night, he is very happy.

We can't get over what a perfect dog he is, so calm and well behaved. 
 Thanks, Christine

Bianca is sold to Christine.
Hello .
Bianca has had a wonderful first day and night. Maverick took a look at her in her box and Bianca growled.
Mav growled back. They have slowly checked each other out and now are sitting near each other.
Bianca had a great night. She did her biz and I put her in a box next to my bed.
She slept almost through the night, only stirring slightly. What a good girl and so sweet!
Thank you so much for taking care of her since her birth. You did a great job! I will send you a photo soon.

Hi .  Maverick and  Bianca are really having fun together. Maverick has quickly matured and taken on the big brother roll.
Bianca is doing really well. Ian and I are enjoying her!  Thanks so much for giving us joy!!


Our tiny gorgeous happy Bella has been adopted by Kevin Hodson, retired NHL Goalie and his wife Maud Hodson
from Sault Ste. Marie.

Kevin, his wife Maud and their children love her!

Good Morning,

 Bella is doing so great!  We are having so much fun with her. 
She is always so excited to see everyone and is sleeping through the night. 
I took her for a check up on Wednesday and the vet said she is a "perfect little girl." 
Thanks again for all your dedication and I am sure you are going to get many calls from ssmarie looking for pups!

maud, bella and family :)
Bella is 3 1/2 lbs at 6 months (pretty much full grown).

 Pete is sold renamed to Nu Nu.

Pete has been adopted by Janya and her husband from Sault Ste. Marie,
friends of Kevin and Maud who adopted Bella.
Janya has renamed Pete to Nu Nu.
Bella will have a little friend to have play dates with.
Janya says that Nu Nu and Bella see each other regularly get along very well. Nu Nu is 3 1/2lbs and he is a very very smart boy. He listens very well and is very affectionate and was very easy to train.

This is Lacy!
Lacy is a gorgeous teacup white and golden colored morkie female with huge gorgeous eyes, her coat is beautiful!
Our precious little Lacy has been adopted to Bonnie from Oakville.
The first picture is taken very close so you can see her detail, she is 3 months old and very small, the 2nd picture illustrates her size at 3 months. She is expected to be 4lbs.

Lacy is doing very well in her new home and Bonnie writes:
Good morning Lacy is doing beautifully.  She is eating well and drinking lots of water.  Two days ago she learned how to fetch the ball and yesterday the new game was to untie my shoe laces faster than I could tie them up. The family visit everyday and they are impressed at how quickly she has come along.  I can’t believe it but yesterday she did not have one accident, she used her pee pad every time.  I don’t expect that to last everyday but I  think it’s a great start. She has added so much to my life, she is so precious.   Thank you. Bonnie P.S.  It was nice to meet your husband and daughter 

This is Happy/ Hercules, a family from New Jersey USA has adopted him. Because I don't ship my morkies by themselves, they made drove to Canada to bring him home.


Here is a picture of Happy/Hercules at home.  He is the cutest, best puppy in the world.  Zack and Maria ADORE him.
  They were so excited when we got home with him.  He whimpered for a little while the first night in the hotel and that was it.
  He has slept soundly right through the night ever since.  I bring him to my office every day in a little carrier and everyone loves him.
  He never barks and is the sweetest puppy.  Fred wasn't sure about getting a dog and he is so glad we did. 
Thank you!  He is pure joy. Happy Holidays! Allegra

Ben and little Lucas morkies are sold together and their new mom came to Toronto to take them home to Newfoundland.

Ben and Lucas are happy little morkie puppies!
Ben and Lucas are sold/adopted to Sharon, husband Erica and her family including 3 daughters, Rosemary, Erica and Christina to spoil him from Newfoundland.
Ben and Lucas morkie is sold to Sharon from Newfoundland and going home with his brother, Ben. 2 very lucky little morkies!

This is Matt Morkie, what a handsome little guy!
Matt is sold. His coat is very beautiful.
Matt morkie is for sold, he is $2000.
Matt has gone to his new home in Windsor Ontario with his new family, Bruce, Anna and their children Keith and Samantha!

Tiny Penny is sold, 5-6lbs full grown.

Tiny baby doll face Penny is sold to Wendy for her parents in Markham.
Tiny Penny is $2000.

 just to give you an update on Penny, my parents couldn't be happier. She is such a sweet little dog and smart. They love her so much and it looks like the feeling is mutual. Thanks again. This has worked out beautifully.
Take care Wendy

Penny at home with her new dad. Penny was a gift from Wendy to her father and mother.
Wendy has adopted Charlie for her family.

This is Charlie, Wendy's puppy.
Charlie is adopted to Wendy and her family from Burlington.



 This is Oliver at his new home.

Adult photo

our Oliver - just adorable!!!  Thank you again so much - we LOVE him!!
we LOVE our little boy soooo much!!!  He is kinda spoiled but he has the sweetest personality so we can't help ourselves!!! 
Even our other "baby" Maggie loves him like crazy!! 
He is lying asleep between michael and I on the couch right now - he is so cuddly!!! 
We will always keep u updated - we our so grateful to you for our little joy!!
Introducing beautiful "Star",she found a home with Rosanna and her two daughters.
she is very happy.

Star is sold.
Star is sold to Rosanna and her daughters, Erica and Monica from Font hill, near Niagara Falls.
Rosanna sent this gorgeous picture of her. She is only 2.2lbs in this photo.

Introducing another "Oliver" This Oliver belongs to Rob, Michelle and Emily who adore him!


This is Oliver, Michelle, Rob and Emily's pup. Adult photo

Tanner is a small black and tan morkie male. He is very handsome.
He is sold.

Tanner is a very handsome Morkie, he has personality.
Tanner is sold to Laura, her husband Michael and their 3 daughters! Jesse, Lexi and Tessa from Toronto.

This is our handsome Simba:


Simba will be 5lbs as an adult.

Simba has a very nice calm temperament.
Our handsome Simba is sold, he has found a home with Tess and her family.

This is our gorgeous Golden morkie, adopted to Tina and her family from Toronto, they named him Rocco. Adult photo
Beautiful adult golden morkie sold at
Isn't is beautiful!!! Tina says he is 6lbs, he is a young adult.

Introducing "Oliver", a very cute white & gold male; he is SOLD to Susan from Toronto.
According to Susan little Oliver is quite the little celebrity in the neighborhood!
Susan took this gorgeous picture of him in the park. Thanks so much for sharing it!
Oliver Morkie sold to Susan


Thanks . Oliver is amazing. He is soo sweet.
He sleeps through the night and is pretty much pee pad trained.
I have many pictures of him and will send some in a couple of days.
He is like a celebrity in our neighborhood and everyone knows him.
I get stopped by people who ask me if this is Oliver
that their mother or sister or friend told them about.
You should of given me your business cards to hand out!
I have told so many about your website.

Thanks so much for my wonderful sweet little boy.


I have finally downloaded some of the 100 pictures I took of my sweet little Oliver!
He is now learning commands like "sit" and "leave it" and is doing very well.
He loves to run in the grass and play with his cousin Sophie (my sister's King Charles Cavalier). 
They get along so well together. Oliver shares his toys and plays fetch and loves to be the center of attention at all times!
He sleeps the night in his playpen right next to my bed.
This evening he even climbed the side of his playpen and cried to let me know he wanted to go in and take a nap.
I put him in and he was sound asleep within a minute. He is so good and so smart.
Thanks so much. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Introducing beautiful "Mabel" who is a Black & Tan female morkie. She is adopted to Heather from Edmonton, Alberta.

Mabel Morkie sold to Heather
Heather came to Toronto to pick up little Mabel and take her home.
Mabel is very entertaining, she is so much fun to watch her play because she is so cute!
Mabel is sold to Heather from Edmonton. $2000 Mabel is gorgeous!


Mabel made it back to Edmonton in great shape. She had about 10 bad minutes on the plane where she cried a little,
but I put my hand in the crate and she settled down for the rest of the ride.
My husband met us at the airport and we took her home.
We tried her in the soft sided crate that we have by our bed but she cried quite a bit,
so we put her back in her carrier and she went right to sleep. She never made a sound all night.
I woke her for a pee at about 5am, she didn't eat much but spent most of the morning playing in the kitchen with me.
The vet said she was in perfect health, she was given a distemper shot and she has to go back in about a month.
So thank you again for an amazing puppy and will send photo's and update you soon.


Heather sent us this beautiful picture of Mabel! Isn't she gorgeous, look at her coat! Thanks so much Heather,


Adult photo

Hi ;

Just a quick note to give you an update our our beautiful Mabel.
She is very smart and was pee pad trained in a flash. She has her own box and uses it faithfully.
She still sleeps in her kennel and seems to prefer it.
All of her baby teeth has fallen out and her adult teeth are coming in. 
She went to the vet yesterday and was spayed, no problems at all. I've taken a few days off
just in case she needs me. The vet says she'll be about 4 or 4 1/2 lbs.
She is very robust and seems much bigger. She is the most popular puppy in the neighborhood and has
daily visits from all the kids. She is very social and loves everyone.
We are having a blast with her and she has fit into of lives perfectly.
Thanks for everything

This Marty, one of our gorgeous morkies formerly know as "Tommy" on our site enjoying the fall leaves!
Trevor sent this beautiful picture. Isn't he gorgeous!!
He lives in Brampton now with his family, Trevor and Donna and little Abbey, who is also one of our tiny blond Morkies.

Trevor & Donna's morkie

Adult photo
Email from Trevor:

"Breeders like yourself who take pride in their passion and spend the time you do with the pups are rare
and people should realize “you get what you pay for”.

Thanks so much, Trevor"

This is Lily, she is a rare white morkie.
Lilly has been adopted by Linda and her family from Sault Ste. Marie.
Linda send in this gorgeous picture of Lily for us. She turned out gorgeous, she is so litte!
(This is not Lily adopted by Maud and her family.) We have 2 pretty little white Lily's in Sault Ste. Marie!

 This is Dallas with his new family, June and her son Matt and daughter Jessica.

Dallas will have a lot of fun with his new family!

This is Ellie, isn't she a little beauty! So tiny and so gorgeous, Kritsy lovingly sent in an adult picture for me to enjoy!

Adult photo
I constantly look at your website at the new pups, and I just wanted to pass along a recent picture of Ellie (Honey). 
She is an absolute joy.  The best little pup ever.  She is so well behaved and every time we take her out people
want to keep her. 
I  am almost afraid to let anyone hold her for fear they don't give her back.
  I just wanted to thank you again for raising such lovely pups. 

A couple of years later, Kristy adopted Taylor morkie for her daughter Tessa.
ImageTessa adopted Taylor
This is Tessa, Kristy's daughter with Taylor.
Kristy says that Tessa is great with him, he listens to her very well. Taylor is doing great.

Kristy sent an update of how Taylor renamed to Ben is doing with her little Ellie. Ellie is very tiny.


He (Ben) aka Taylor is fabulous.  Almost completely house trained which surprises me.  I think having an older sister (Ellie) to show him how it is done has worked well. 
The two of them play so well together.  He is almost as tall as she is, and weighs slightly more than she does, but she can still pin him easily in a play fight.  They run around and steal toys from each other and the chase is on.  When I am getting things ready for bed, Ellie goes over and settles on the bed and he follows her.  He finds his spot.  Settles in.  And when he knows she is completely settled, he moves over so he can touch her.  She just lets him and they sleep like that.  I LOVE watching them.
He can go up any stairs and I have to give Ellie the credit.  She would go up the stairs and he would wait at the bottom and whine.  I would get him and carry him and as soon as I put him down she would bark at him.  Then she started going up a couple of stairs and turning around and watch him.  Then she would go back down the stairs and nudge him and head up the stairs again.  He started just following her.  And as of yesterday, Ben can go down the stairs that have carpet on them.  The hardwood is still a bit scarey. 
Now...the reason I am emailing....I see you have Ellie and Ella's little sister.  I cannot take another puppy, but I so wish I could.  Please let whoever decides to meet the new baby sister that they will be getting a fabulous dog.  Ellie is so outgoing and has such a great personality.  Anyone would be crazy lucky to get a little doll like Ellie, and from what I can see on the website, like Ella too! 
I will make sure to send the picture of Luke and Tess with Ellie and Ben soon!

This is Ella, Ellie's sister, this is a younger picture of her. Her ears stood up as a puppy,
now they are down as an adult in her last picture.
Thanks for all the gorgeous pictures of her Michelle! Love them.


Teacup adult photo

Ella is sold to Michelle from Ottawa! This picture is of her as a puppy,
her adult pictures are below. Her ears flop down now, she is so pretty.


Just a few words to let you know that Ella, (Jasper) is doing amazing.
She's the most outgoing puppy I've ever seen. And she is so smart and well adjusted.
As a matter of fact, she might be just a little too smart!! (just kidding).
She gets along really well with Zoe our golden retriever and they are so adorable together.
I have now become the most popular woman in all of Ottawa.
Everyone wants one exactly like her.
Anyways, thank you for such a beautiful little girl. I will keep updating you on her progress.


This is Ella's at 9 months, isn't she gorgeous! Her ears are down now as an adult. She is full grown.



I was just looking through your site and spotted a picture of Honey,
Ella's little sister, who by the way is really gorgeous.
So I thought I'd send you a recent picture of my little darling.
She's over 9 months now and weighs about 5 1/2 lbs. (full grown).
 She's like a little stuffed animal and we absolutely adore her.
Thanks again for our little princess.


Michelle sent in another picture of Ella. She is the prettiest little morkie! Thanks so much Michelle!
This is Ella now. Isnt she gorgeous! She included this little note about her.


Thought you might enjoy a recent picture of Ella. She is gorgeous, sweet and so lovable.
We absolutely adore her. So happy to have her as part of our family.
Take care.


Black &White Daisy with a heart:
Daisy is very unique and has a heart on her back with an "I" in front of it!
"I Love" Daisy is sold to Dora from Montreal.


Daisy is sold to Dora, husband and their family of 3 girls, Angelia, Olga and Georgia from Montreal.
Angelia their youngest daughter who is 8 is calling her Daisy.
Angelia noticed her heart on her back and fell in love with her! This puppy has very unique markings, her back reads "I love".

This is Daisy at home, look how silky and shinny her hair is! She is a gorgeous Morkie!

 Daisy has been a wonderful puppy since day one.

She felt right at home since day two. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her.

She is playful, affectionate and loveable. With our 3 year old dog Abby there seems to be a bit of sibling rivalry, they are still testing each others boundaries, it's Abby that is afraid of Daisy because Daisy keeps chasing Abby's tail and grabbing her by the ears.

Let's just say there's never a dull moment in our home.


Here is Chuck!
Chuck is an adult and just came from the groomers! Isnt he cute!
Owned by Liz M.
Thanks for sharing the adorable picture with us.

Beautiful tiny tri color or black and tan morkie is adopted to Jad and Najah from Ancaster. He is a little sweetie.
Jad & Najah's tiny morkie

Najah says "he is so amazing and she can't believe how good he is, he is the best little puppy and so loving."

Little Coco Morkie has a tiny little face, he is such a little cutie, he will be gold underneath. 
Crystal & Scott's MorkieImage
Coco is playful and very friendly, he is a tiny Morkie male, estimated to be 4lbs.
Coco is sold. Congratulations to Crystal and Scott!

He's doin great. He just cuddles cuddles cuddles. He's a happy sucky puppy.
He whimpers if we're not near him. He's not a fan of his bed, or anywhere we are not able for him to nudge his head into the crook of our necks.
And he loves my fluffy down pillows. He's a doll. We love him sooo much!

 Rolland Morkie is very handsome, Rolland is a confident, friendly puppy. He is sold.

Mackenzie's Rolland Morkie as a puppy

Rolland is snugly with Mackenzie and his color matches Mackenzie's hair!
Rolland fell in love with her! Perfect match. Mackenzie is calling him "Rolo".
Rolland is sold. Congratulations to Mackenzie and her parents, Sandy and Rob.
Mackenzie and Rolland bonded immediately! He is the perfect match for her.

Rolland/Rolo is home now and doing great! Sandy says he is a very good boy and she is so impressed with him.
 Hey, I wanted to give you an update on Rolland.
The vet said he was incredibly well adjusted and so calm, she was very impressed with his health and his temperament. 
The vet said that he came from a really good breeder.
He's doing amazing, he sleeps through the night, he's happy very playful, loves his toys, loves being near people,
he is peeing on his puppy pads, I put them in different places in the house and he is finding them and using them
and he has gone pee outside and we praised him.
He transitioning beautifully and he is a complete joy, everybody loves him, he loves the kids, thanks a million! Sandy

Sandy sent a picture of Rolland as an adult! He is gorgeous! Thanks so much!


These were taken today and a week ago and Rolland will be 5 months old this Friday. He is soooooo cute.
 He is very healthy and strong.  He can easily jump on and off the couch. 
He loves people and always goes where they are. 
 Hope you are well!!!  Sandy from Collingwood.

This is Duke sold to Sandy and her family from Brantford.
Sandy sent this picture of Duke for me, she says he is doing great, playing with the kids and they are all having fun with him.

Tiny Tino Morkie is so cute! He is adopted by Jennifer from Ottawa.

Jennifer's Morkie

Little Tino, AKA Danny has a very beautiful face, he is a small morkie. Because of this be waited for an adult home to sell him.
Congratulations to Jennifer and her husband Leo and their adult son. She has named little Danny Tino.


I think you have sold me the smartest wee puppy on earth!!!
Tino has adapted so well to his new surroundings.
He get's in his travel bag for the car with ease, he sleeps 8 hours in his exercise pe
with no complaints and he loves,loves,loves me!!
He's fabulous with other people and interacts very well with other pup's...
he's not so fond of the big one's though, and who could blame him, he is only 2.9lbs right now :)
He has a new Vet named Sara and she loves him and gave him a glowing report
and a perfect bill of health.

He met his new groomer today and was good as gold as well.
Everyone is amazed that a puppy of this age and size is so well behaved.
He sits, he comes, and he can now go up stairs...we are not ready for the down part yet
...mommy is more nervous than puppy !!

I can't thank you enough for sharing this wonderful gift with me.

Seriously,, he is so smart.
Everyone that comes into contact with him is wowed by how calm and sweet he is.
Leo and I want to have the best well rounded puppy, after all, this is a life commitment !

I'll send Pictures as soon as I can :)

in one of his new coats, lol.

 Love you Jennifer xox

This is sweet Victoria, she is the happiest little morkie girl adopted to Bihan and family.

Bihan's little Princess MorkieImage


It's been so long that I have not written but almost every single day I am thinking of you and our first meeting.

Everything is just wonderful in terms of your Victoria -- our Oreo :)  She is so lovely and I am so happy to have her..
And it is not just me we are all so thankful to have her and we find ourselves very lucky as well since you were the
reason that she came in to  our family.

She is so sweet she is so kind she is so playful..  She is so different than any dog,  that we had some friends in Toronto and here .
 They were somehow hesitant in terms of touching dogs or getting close to them ..
but guess what as if she is a therapy dog they accepted her and she can come to their laps now :))

Once again I wanted to tell you how happy we are and I know she is a DOG but she is the PRINCESS DAUGHTER
of our family :)

The more we spend time with her the more we understand the difference of coming from a family environment and good parents... :))
and the terms. Thank you is not even enough to express my feelings. 

You did such a good job in determining which pup would be more suitable to us and yet she turned out to be the Perfect One.
. One day if we decide to have another one you'll know it for sure.

I hope you and your family is doing well.  I just wanted to tell you that I am thinking about you and very happy that we have met.

Keep in touch and I hope this new year will bring happy days and happiness in to your life and your family.

Take care



Dear,   Hello again. it`s been quite some time since we have been in touch.. It`s again almost time for summer and we are very excited about going back home to Istanbul..  I just wanted to tell you one more time how happy we are with OREO = Victoria :) ...She is our darling and lady of the household :)) we all love her very very much :))  She has learned so much from us while we learned so much from her :) she even understands things thru eye contact or hand signal.. All our friends both in Toronto and Istanbul are very much fond of her :) everybody is listing themselves to take care of her if needed be when we are travelling :)  We are happy very very happy to have her.. :) she is healthy happy as well.. she is the princess :))  I hope everything is fine at your end.. In our journey thru life these lovely friends brings us good companionship, patience, and love.  I am so thankful that we made the decision to have a pet and so lucky to have met you and Oreo :)  Take care of yourself,  Best wishes,  Binhan

Little Cherry Morkie female is very small. Tiny little face. She is very pretty, very short nose. 
Little Teacup Daisy is sold.
Congratulations to Joanne from Kitchener.  
Sent me an update when she got little Daisy home.
Hi, I decided i will call her Daisy in memory of my late mother in law. She was a beautiful lady and i loved her very much.
She perfect,  cries whan left alone, but she is so smart....So happy with her, worth every She eats her kibbles.

Daisy is now an adult. So tiny and so gorgeous! Thanks so much Joanne.


From Joanne:
Hi, now you can see what Daisy looks like.  OMG how to start i love her. She is the perfect dog. Princess for me. Where to start. 
 I guess from the start. Well remember me telling you that apart from being alone she was perfect.
Well she got over that so now she is more perfect, lol. Daisy has been able to sit and stay with a treat in front of her
and will not get it till i say ok. She can sit on her behind and puts her legs out with her paws down.
She sits on command, lays, sit, lay,sit, lay. She loves to dance and spinns around. Lay down rolls over
Sticks her tonge on command. Still teaching her to bark when ask, she just not their yet she will.
When she does bark high pitch,but she is not a hyper dog, very good that way.
Does not mess unless their is to much pee on her pad..then she will poo on the rug my fault.
I am teaching her peekaboo she has done it, I love spending time with her.
 Can't wait for the nice weather...She has been spayed and i have her dog licence.
Ok enought already..THANK YOU for choosing me for Daisy i don't think Daisy would have been as happy there.

Violet, tiny white Morkie is sold to Anne Marie from Oakville.

 Below is Violet's adult picture beside the dark pink flower so you can see how beautiful she is.

Tiny Violet Morkie is SOLD! She is very a very tiny and beautiful female Morkie, just 3lbs full grown.

 Tiny Violet looks like a little tiny Maltese, but her hair is a lot silkier and shinier!
This is her adult picture. She is so small and pretty. The photo makes her look bigger then she is in life.
An all white Morkie with a Yorkshire Terrier coat is extremely rare for a Morkie!

Tiny Violet has gone home to proud owner, Anne Marie from Oakville!
 Mom is a gorgeous tiny Maltese, Violet is 1/2 her size! 


Violet is doing very well. She slept beside me 7 hours last night!
She eat her breakfast well and did her business on the paper. Enjoying the bone you gave her now.
Does she need naps during the day in a dark room? I have her cage set up off my kitchen. 

She us adapting and playing well. Very happy!!! Her vet appt today is at 11 am. Send u papers later today.
Thank you talk soon. :-) I love her!!! So happy :)

Beautiful Coco Morkie is sold, she is a female morkie, SOLD
Coco  is  home with Stacey and Dan and daughters, congratulations, thanks for the beautiful picture! She is gorgeous!


Hope you are well. We are thoroughly enjoying Cocoa.. She is very active, loving and quite beautiful. She is sleeping through the night now...

I have attached a current picture of Coco in her day bed.. Isn't she just the cutest thing you ever saw...!


Stacy (Coco's proud Mom)

 She is so very loving, playful, friendly and as you can see she is beautiful. I don't know what we ever did without her!  
Stacy, Dan, Bev and Abbey Mississauga Ontario

Roxy Gorgeous white and gold morkie is sold to Kathy and family.


Beautiful Roxy is sold to Kathy and her husband.


Hi It's Kathy!

Roxy is doing amazing!  She is such a great sleeper and wakes up full of energy.
Rusty is getting a little more used to her everyday! She is so beautiful! You are truly a wonderful and dedicated breeder.
Thanks for everything. I put some in a little treat ball too, and she swats and rolls it around. It's adorable.



I just wanted to let you know that our beautiful princess Roxie is doing amazing.
She is so well behaved and so adorable and lovable. Pat and I are so happy and in love with her.
Our vet said she cannot believe how well behaved she is, and is in perfect health.
We have her spay booked for the beginning of April. Roxie and my Yorkie Rusty have become best friends.
Everyone who meets her wants to keep her......NO WAY!

Thank you so much for raising these amazing puppies for us to love so much.
She has made our lives a happier place. I always smile when I look at her. 
She is at 3 and a half pounds...just got her checked again the other day.


Kathy, Pat, Rusty and Roxie

This is little Mason, he lives in Thunder Bay with Pauline, her husband and her 2 daughters Sara and her sister.

Here is a recent picture of Mason. He had a puppy bath and trim on Sunday at Pet Smart so he can see much better
than that picture because his hair was over his eyes!  
He still sits nice for a treat, still doing very very well with the housebreaking, he is very affectionate when he is tired (haha)
and he loves my back yard. He eats everything, he likes leaves a lot.  He loves his family and is so excited when he sees us.
We are so happy to have him, we really love him and he is so cute that people stop to look at him,
and they know him at the pet stores. They don’t have dogs like that in Thunder Bay so he is getting  to be a celebrity!
I tell everyone who asks where they can get one too.  
 I get lots of kisses and he is very affectionate, he goes to bed in his little kennel in Sara’s room and does not make a peep
until she gets up. He sleeps all night and on the weekend he slept 10 hours!!! He likes to go to bed around 10 pm.
He is an excellent little sleeper! And he sure is happy when he goes outside because he holds it until his little bum hits the grass.
He is very smart and very determined. He now can climb up all the front steps to my house and go into the house
(he worked on that one for a while, I had him on a leash and kept a very close eye that he didn’t fall,
he goes so fast now and he is so proud of himself!)   He is learning every day,
I wish I didn’t work so I could be home with him all the time..:)

Thanks again for everything and I will always keep you updated with new pictures, etc.
Talk to you soon, take care of your puppies and thanks again Pauline 


Joey Morkie is sold! He is a gorgeous morkie male!
Congratulations to Shane and Christine, friends of Abbey's family from Brampton.


Joey Morkie is gorgeous! He is sold to Shane and Christine. 

Dalton Morkie is such a little cutie!
Dalton Morkie is sold to Caryn and family from New Liskert and is doing well.

Hi ..

It has been awhile since we have spoken. 
Angel (Mini)is doing so well. What a brilliant smart girl.
I cannot begin to tell you how smart this dog is.
We just love her to pieces and she gets along with my grand children's two Bermese Mt Dogs
-Margaret and Robbin and Sandy and Benji
(two smaller dogs, they have four all together.
Angel is in heaven when she can be there playing with all of them. 
I have trained her to come, sit, stay and all the normal commands.
If I whistle she comes automatically, where ever she is.
She will go into my purse and is certainly lived up to her new name 'Angel' because she really is one to us.


All the best,


Our gorgeous white and gold morkie female.  Beautiful Morkie Bella is sold.
Bella morkie has the most beautiful eyes! She is a gorgeous morkie puppy!

Beautiful Bella morkie is sold to Tanya and her daughter Ella,  from Sudbury,
(friends of Cathey & Ken, who adopted Tiffany and Dan & family who adopted Lily).

This morkie puppy named Abbey is a very pretty color. Baby "Abbey" is sold.


Abbey as an tiny adult enjoying herself with Trevor & Skipper.

Congratulations to Trevor, Donna and Christine their daughter from Brampton. 
She weighs just 3lbs with her new family at home.

Tana is so beautiful! She is such a little sweetie!

She has a beautiful coat that is low maintenance and won't easily matt like Maltese do!
Our gorgeous Tana!

Oh my goodness!! Look at Tiny Timmy, he is so adorable!!!! Tiny teacup morkie.

Tiny Timmy is so funny, so playful and full of personality!
his ears will stay flopped, he is very affectionate and will make a good companion, loves to be with you.
Little Timmy is  vet checked,  vaccinated and has a perfect health certificate.

Tiny Timmy Morkie is a very small puppy. 
 Timmy is sold. Timmy found a home with Diane and Bill from Burlington.

Dear .... 

We just arrived home from the vet's and we're super happy. Timmy is in excellent health!
Dr. Alison Hamilton was given the vet papers you gave us.
  Timmy behaved beautifully and the short car ride didn't affect him at. 
I cannot believe how well behaved Timmy is......he's just wonderful!


   Dear ... Tiny Timmy is such a joy! I can't imagine my life without him. Timmy is so well behaved, neither Bill or I can't believe it!
We had absolutely no problem at all his first night here. I simply followed your instructions so whatever you're doing,
you're doing it right.
He loves to run around too as our hallway is long from the living room to the bedrooms.
He is eating his kibble, a few at a time and when he has to go to the bathroom, he sits by the door until we put his harness on.
On the warmer days, I took him out back to the private yard and he had a wonderful time, exploring the grass and rolled over and over
in it,
I just adore Timmy and he has bonded with me...I guess because I'm home 24/7.
Bill calls him "Tag Along" because where I go, he goes, right on my heels. Thank You so much for letting us have Timmy.
You have no idea what he has done for health in the few days he's been here...just seeing him smile at me brightens my mood.
I feel blessed and so does Bill.
Will report more as the days go on!!!! and will send lots of pictures-did you know Timmy
actually poses for a photo? I laughed so hard, tears were running down my cheeks!


Little Teddy is a small white/gold Morkie, with a very unique color pattern on his back.
He has beautiful eyes. He will have a gorgeous shinny coat, easy grooming, non matting coat.  
Teddy has perfect vet check.
Our little Teddy bear has been adopted by a wonderful family from Thornhill, friends of Nina who has our little Mickey.
Congratulations to Michael, Donna, and Jarrod and Abigail.


It’s Donna, Teddy’s mom! 
How are you?  Teddy is amazing.  He’s such a great little dog.  He’s just over six pounds now.
As you know, my friendspurchasedTanner from you over theweekend.  He’s adorable.

Tanner is a very sweet puppy!

Tanner is sold to Hans, Allyson and their sons from Unionville, (friends of Teddy's parents, Michael and Donna).

Little Prince is sold! Prince is adopted to Mary, husband and 4 children. 


Prince is the most beautiful Morkie puppy!
He is a very sweet, gorgeous morkie puppy, white and gold, huge beautiful eyes.
Prince is Yorkshire Terrier  and Maltese, his colors are stunning! Truly a Prince!
He is vaccinated & has a perfect vet check!

Mary is very happy with Prince and she says he is a very good puppy and he even waits for her to do his business,
what a good boy, she is not having any trouble training him, so nice to hear!


 Have been meaning to email you for quite sometime.  Just wanted to let you know how wonderful our little guy has been doing.  My kids have named him CHAMP!!!
We have all fallen in love with him.  He loves being outdoors. 
At our last vet appointment he was 4 lbs 10 oz so he grew a 1 lbs since his 3 month visit.  Love having him around.



We had a gorgeous litter of blond Morkies, Bailey, Maverick and little Vanilla.

 Our sweet Bailey has found a home with Dina, husband and children, friends with Mary who adopted our beautiful Prince.
Beautiful Bailey, sweet gentle mannered male morkie is very affectionate and friendly. Very beautiful puppy. 

Look how sweet these 2 morkie puppies are! So adorable, Bailey Morkie and Vanilla Morkie are sold.

This is Vanilla, she is such a sweetheart, her owner sent this email to let me know how she is as an adult.


I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how Vanilla (Coco) is doing.  She is the cutest thing around and everyone who meets her instantly loves her. She is such a well tempered dog and is so good with children, even strange children... she just LOVES everyone and will crawl up everyone's lap for a snuggle.

She requires a lot of snuggling and loving and loves to keep warm by lying closely to anyone's body,
whoever will have her!! lol She is a perfect little lap dog and has remained very small, which we love!
She has a nice wardrobe of sweaters and blingy collars. My daughter, Molly, likes to push her around in her carriage and Coco just sits there likes she owns it.

She is a great little puppy and I would recommend you over and over again as a breeder.

Take care,

Chantal, Molly & Coco

Beautiful Tiffany is sold! Tiffany is friendly and wants to come to you and she is playful too. She is small but still fine for   children,
small but not a teacup.


 She is a little character, she is full of personality, a very smart little girl! Above average.
Beautiful Tiffany is a very friendly, playful little girl, loves you and her ears are going to stay flopped, they will not stand up.
Congratulations Cathey and Ken from Sudbury!

Here is Tiffany, all grown up, she is a gorgeous, smart girl, Cathey and Ken called her Teaka.
Cathey sent this beautiful picture for me with Tiffany aka Teaka and Jewel who is also one of my puppies.
Cathey with Tiffany/Teaka and Jewel

Roxy white and black morkie is sold.
This is beautiful Roxy morkie, she is Tiffany's sister. She is a gorgeous puppy, very smart and has huge beautiful eyes and amazing coat.
Roxy is going home with Terri from Mississauga!

Hey my dear,
I am totally in love with Roxy !!! The best decision I ever made.She's sweet,so friendly and very loving.Everyone who meets her falls for her.It amazing how much I could love her in a matter of 3 weeks!! I'll take some photos this week and send them along.
Take care,

This is Henry. He is Bailey, Maverick, Davis and Timmy's brother from a previous litter, now an adult.


Just wanted to let you know that Henry is amazing.  
Henry has got the most wonderful personality my husband and I are so thrilled to have him.  
The little guy has been so good he's sleeping very well throughout the night.  
I couldn't have asked for a more perfect dog.
 Thanks,Kendra and Mark 


Sent you another picture of Henry.  He's a wonderful little guy.  Healthy, happy, very loving, and smart as can be.

Thanks for the gorgeous pictures Kendra. Kendra and Mark have a new baby boy and Henry gets along very well with their new baby. Congratulations on your baby boy, so awesome. Thanks for keeping in touch! The pictures are so gorgeous!

Little Sophie is so sweet. Sophie is Vanilla's sister who is sold.
She is such a darling little girl & so pretty  too.
Sophie is sold. Congratulations to Eileen & Mark who adore her!



It has been a long time since we have written you and we just wanted to give you a quick update on Sophie. 
She is almost 10 months now and is 5lbs.  She is very active, loves to play and run around with Bear. 
Sophie is so smart, cute and friendly.  She has learned commands like sit and stay. 
Lots of people have asked us where we got her and commented on how pretty she is. 
We have attached a few photos of our little Sophie for you. 
Hope all is well and thanks again.  We absolutely adore our little fur baby.
Kind Regards, Mark and Eileen