Puppies and Parasites:

All puppies have parasites. It's just the way it is. This is normal. Because of this they need to be dewormed.

Our puppies are on a  deworming program and are dewormed  regularly.
It is virtually impossible for a dog to be 100% parasite free but the dewoming usually kills most of the harmful parasites.

We deworm our puppies regularly so most of them go home without any parasites. 

Sometimes  a puppy may still have some parasites when it goes home
because the puppies can pass them back and forth to each other. This is normal.
For this reason, it is recommended to bring in a stool sample to your vet.
Your vet will give you the appropriate medicine to continue the puppy's deworming.

Even once your puppy's stool is considered to be safe it doesn't mean that he/she cannot pick up parasites again
Because parasites are virtually everywhere.

Some parasites from puppies can be transferred to people so it is best to wash your hands after handling your puppy especially if eating. 

Also is is not wise to let your puppy lick your mouth, as their could be a small risk of getting parasites from your puppy,
but you will not get parasites if your puppy licks your skin.

The parasites are in the dog's feces.

There are standard medicines that the veterinarian prescribe.

There are also natural herbs that are very effective as well in treating all parasites for people as well and these are available at your health store or health section in grocery stores that have little or no  side effects.

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